It’s about Time

“Time is nature's way of keeping everything from happening at once.

Space is what prevents everything from happening to me.”

John Archibald Wheeler



Friday January 31

It's about time we begin to discuss 'Time'

I write a number at the top of this post and simultaneously discover that it's the end of January already

That's weird

Time is weird…it sounds made up (a great name for a magazine)

I haven't really been paying attention to what time it is (not locking myself into any one position in space). And yet…I still always seem to end up in the right place simultaneous with, the right time (coincidence?)

I did need to know what day it was, when we registered the car and got our BC Drivers Licenses. Wendy and Mary helped me out by providing all of the particulars

Man they were awesome. If you don't know who Mary and Wendy are, they're the two amazing public servants who guided us through our licensing process at the Gibsons Municipal Hall (January 23 & 24 Posts). Great people and great service…we love 'em

The girls told each of us how long we'd been licensed drivers…

Wendle has been driving for a couple of years (11,595 days)

I've been on the road for 14,066 days (whoa!)

What, is that a lot? (uh, yeah)

A lot of hard miles maybe, but I'm a much better driver than when I started the journey

That is a lot of days though. It probably covers most of my twenty nine years. I must have been driving as a baby (you were my friend, you were)

Now that we're driving around with a BC license plate, people on the street no longer know that we are from Ontario. I'm not saying it's related but we have noticed a severe slump in the number of people staring at us…I'm feeling the same relief aliens hiding in human form must feel when people don't notice them (am i right Colbert?)


I've been on Facebook for a week. It seems to be a very civilized conversation. Most of the news seems to come from people who are doing their best to be good citizens of the world…even though some of the stories they share are about people doing the exact opposite

Like the time Canada's Defense Minister Julian Fantino dissed the Veterans by showing up seventy minutes late. I don't believe it's too much to ask someone, who you think might want to screw you, to show up on time for the date (it's just good manners)

The best part was when the wise old warrior pictured here said (and i paraphrase), 'It's okay if you cut all these services, as long as you promise not to have any more wars. If you stop having wars, you won't have any more veterans'

A friend of ours from Mountsberg Conservation Area (Campbellville, ON) put up this great poster of a Snowy Owl. Heads up Junior Forest Rangers, there is a lot of great information on this page


If you want to learn more about owls, make some time this weekend, head over and visit them at Mountsberg (they have a parliament of them)

One day, this picture popped up…it's of a buddy of ours. Larry 'Big Dawg' Jusdanis

Of course we can't show you the actual pic because it's protected under copyright

This is Larry


L.J. is an awesome human being, Wendle and I love him. A Canadian who played Quarterback in the CFL, Football Commentator, and the incredibly successful owner of Sports Specific Training ( If you're an athlete looking to dramatically improve your strength speed and nutrition…go see the Big Dawg at SST (now with 8 convenient locations)

A lot of photos get posted on Facebook….

Friends in cold places


Family in familiar places


Familiar faces going through phases


And a bear s–tting in the woods


What a fascinating medium

Well, it's Super Bowl weekend and all (is it okay to say Super Bowl?…and what is that red dot on my forehead?) and I'm guessing you have lots to do to get your nachos on, so I'm going to head out. Before I do, I just want to say a few words of advice to teenage kids (in general…and several in particular)

Here it is

“If you ever decide to go up to a remote and yet publicly operated recreation area (let's say it's Dakota Ridge) and you drink way too much, smoke way too much, get really goofy and start throwing food and beer against the walls and destroying property…it's generally not recommended that you either a) be seen driving away in your truck or b) leave your beer pong scorecard posted on the bulletin board” (every name…i kid you not)

(after the cleanup…notice the Ping pong ball to the lower right)

As my old mom used to say, “if it seems like it's going to be really funny…don't do it, it's probably stupid”

Okay, I gotta go…it's time

Goodnight all

Moose and Wendle


We didn't participate (we were Mountain Hosting), but they had 'Snowga' day up on Dakota Ridge on Saturday. Snowga is the creation of Miss Georgia Cyr, our fantastic Yoga Instructor from 'Blissful Yoga' in Sechelt (


(i don't know why but it reminds me of this)

('all hail K, all hail K')


(i knew Schrodinger played that tiny piano…i did not know that he had a cat)



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