“Baseball is like church. Many attend, few understand”

Leo Durocher


Tuesday February 4

One of the really good guys we know, just got inducted into the Canadian Baseball Hall of fame (

Jim Ridley is his name


I met Jim back in 1998. I'm not sure where we first met…somewhere Basebally I'm sure. The first thing that struck me about Jim was how generous a man he was. His knowledge of the game was vast beyond comprehension and yet he shared it freely. He understood that wisdom, like gold, cannot be hoarded

Like any great teacher, Jim's words and actions held much deeper truths (i'm still learning from him today and i haven't seen him in ten years)

He was gentle and patient in manner and he spoke so quietly that if you were serious about learning, you had to shut up and listen. He was a very good teacher and he had a cracking good eye for talent

Jim passed in 2008 but if you know Baseball, you'll still see him…in the way a young pitcher sticks his balance point, or maybe the way a kid runs the bases, or turns a double play…because Jim lives on through the cycle of sharing that he so firmly committed to and which continues in the sport to this day (am i right Leo?)

By the way, if you live in Ontario…or even if you're just passing through…take a couple of hours and visit the Canadian baseball Hall of Fame. It's in beautiful St. Mary's, Ontario and it is a wonderful experience


Back in August, Wendle and I reported on some happenings over at Crawford Lake Conservation Area

Okay, a very quick description of Crawford Lake…

'Besides the thickly forested hiking trails, the incredible views from the cliffs of the beautiful Niagara Escarpment, awesome snowshoeing, and a gorgeous and very rare Meromictic Lake (with a boardwalk all the way around it), the park has a reconstructed 15th Century Iroquoian Village with a standing palisade, two long houses, tons of historic artifacts, a theatre and very knowledgeable and wonderful staff to explain everything'


(should i get a paper bag or can you start breathing on your own?)

'Well, it is a really cool place'

Anyway, last August, our buddy Adam…say hi Adam…


(just one spark plug in a finely tuned engine)

…so, last August, Adam sent us some pictures of the archaeological dig that had begun as a result of the building of another, even larger longhouse (August 1 Post)

The dig went on all summer and then, the building began in earnest. The new structure (as we understand it) is going to be a combination cultural exhibit, classroom, meeting and storage place (sounds like an actual longhouse)…and it's going to be huge

Today, we found the most recent pictures of the new longhouse and voila…here they are (just because you're you)

And be aware that I have virtually no information about what we are actually seeing (no, but that won't stop you from talking)

The roof, smoke vent and all, protected by goop and ready to be covered in bark


It looks like the nave of a cathedral


It's massive…not traditional…but massive. Say, if you're heading out to the park (or maybe…you work there), how about sending Wendle and I some of your latest photos. You can do it by Facebook now….I'm a member

To find Crawford Lake and other Conservation Halton Parks, go to this link (

Public Service Announcements

(i give, i give, i give)


I saw a really cool thing today. It was a demonstration on how to check if a battery is good or not


I want you to pay particular attention to this next announcement because the lives you save, might be your future children's (do not try this at home)


You're probably thinking…Moose, you keep saying you're sooo busy but you still have time to find all this crap online…and you'd be right. But in my defense, I do find a lot of it while researching things of equal but as yet unrealized unimportance (huh?) and secondly, it is two forty-two in the morning

(what, what, Whaaat!)

Alright, I'll call it a day. Yoga tomorrow morning…gotta get limber

Goodnight all

Moose and Wendle


'The Dude Abides'


Some of the photos we used today are not going to receive a Photo Credit. As always, I am totally happy to filch your pictures for the blog…and whenever possible, give you the credit you so richly deserve. But some of these photos were from my Facebook page and I have absolutely no idea how they got there. They just showed up. There you have it. They're your pictures…not ours, yours….and thank you for sharing them…I wish I knew who you were exactly…but I don't. That's all I got

(here's the ones we do have)

Photo Credits

Jim Ridley –

Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame –

Public Service Announcement –



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