Family Day


“In human context, a family (from Latin: familia) is a group of people affiliated by consanguinity (by recognized birth), affinity (by marriage), or co-residence/shared consumption

Monday February 10

“Happy Family Day Everybody!”

What’s that…you aren’t celebrating Family Day today? How is that even possible, I thought it was a Universal Holiday? (it should be)

I better look into this

Hmmm…under the F…

Family Day’

“Family Day is the name of a public holiday in South Africa, in the Canadian provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Ontario, in the American states of Arizona and Nevada, in Vanuatu, in Vietnam and (as “Family & Community Day”) in the Australian Capital Territory.”

Well…I guess it’s far from universal

I wonder why it isn’t a National Holiday here in Canada?

Time to dig a little deeper…

‘Family Day In Canada 2014’

“Family Day is celebrated on the 3rd Monday of February except in BC where it’s the 2nd Monday of February.”

“Family Day is not a national statutory holiday, it is only observed in Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Saskatchewan and as of 2013 also in British Columbia. Two other provinces have holidays in February: In PEI Islander Day (new since 2009) is celebrated on the 3rd Monday in February and in Manitoba the 3rd Monday in February is the Louis Riel Day holiday.”

(sorry rest of the country)

Family Day was originally created to give people time to spend with their families but it also provides a day off between New Years Day and Good Friday as they are approximately three months apart.”

Yes. that’s right. An extra day off. For people to spend with their Family. C’mon governments (everywhere)…

Speaking of Vanuatu (we were?), they just missed getting slammed by a 6.5 magnitude Earthquake on Friday.

The quake struck at a depth of 101 kilometres, the USGS said.”

“There were no immediate reports of any casualties or damage, while the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre said the quake was too deep to generate a tsunami.”

They may be far away but we want them to know that we’re thinking of them…after all, they’re Family too

I read a really great book over the weekend. I was reading another book and it mentioned this guy Bert Stiles. I was so fascinated by what this twenty-three year-old had to say, that I stopped reading the first book, went over to Amazon, and searched for Bert’s instead

His book is called ‘Serenade to the Big Bird‘ and when I was at Amazon, I found it for $3.65…so I immediately downloaded it, sat down and read it

Geez this kid can write…and some of it seems pretty appropriate for Family Day

“And we could build enough schools so that everyone could go and learn to add and subtract and keep from multiplying too rapidly”

“It should teach him that he is part of mankind. I thought again about Mrs. Pacal in the sixth grade. Maybe it would have been better if the class had started everyday with the words Hemingway took from John Donne, “…for I am a piece of mankind…any man’s death diminishes me…””

“They are not masses. They will not go on being slaves. They are just people, partly good, and partly bad, mostly balancing out.”

“There are all kinds of people: senators and whores and barristers and bankers and dishwashers. There are Chinamen and Cockneys and Gypsies and Negroes. There are Lesbians and cornhuskers and longshoremen. There are poets and lieutenants and shortstops and prime ministers. There are Yanks and Japs and poor whites and certain numbers of people who enjoy rape. There are Germans and Melanesians and beggars and Holy Rollers…there are people.”

“…such a big world, one great big world, that will never be worth a goddamn as a world, until it is tied together and knitted together so it functions as one.”

Bert wrote these words back in 1944. He was just finishing his first tour as a bomber pilot in the Airwar over Europe and, like many of us today, he was trying to square what he was witnessing in the world, with the reality he knew was possible if we would just remember…that we are all Family

“Happy Family Day Everybody!”

Goodnight all

Moose and Wendle


Take it away guys…


As you may have noticed, we have recently learned how to link photos and quotes directly to their source (oh the wonders of electronics)…this might make the blog a lot less clunky (better late than never)


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