In the Kitchen

‎”You don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces – just good food from fresh ingredients”

Julia Child

Monday February 17

Hi there…

What am I doing?

I’m in the Kitchen

Wendle just made another batch of wraps…


If you know me, you’re probably wondering ‘but Moose, you’re a Kitchentard!’ (an unfortunate nickname from my recent past)


Well, that was then and this is…Now. In fact, I was recently promoted to full-time Kitchenlackey…Tah Dah!


How this transpired is all part of the grand tale of how Wendle developed her tasty and nutritious, organic, raw, vegan, grain free, gluten free and dairy free, wraps

(is this going to be one long commercial?)

“Why not, I’ve always said that I would totally sell out for the right corporate sponsor”

As mentioned in our last blog post…we had arrived on the Sunshine Coast in July and Wendy had discovered that she could not buy the same raw veggie wraps that she could back in Ontario. She decided that she would continue to eat healthy, even if she had to make them herself

She began by researching the Science behind making raw veggie wraps in the Kitchen


Then Wendle researched the mechanics of dehydration (thanks NASA)


Next came a thorough search for the most efficient and affordable dehydrator

Wendle began the research process at the beginning of August and wasn’t ready to actually order a dehydrator until we had moved into our own space in Roberts Creek, on October 2

The dehydrator arrived on October 28…and Wendy was super excited

(‘there could be anything in there’)




(‘would you look at that’)

“What is it?”

(‘it’s a Leg’)

No it’s not a leg for gawd sakes (then what is it?)

Ladies and germs…

…may I introduce, the Excalibur, 9-Tray, 600 watt, Commercial Dehydrator with 7″ fan and 26 hour timer



(careful kid, you’ll dry your eyes out)

Back in October, Wendle had no intention of making wraps for anyone else but her…and this bad boy of a dehydrator was going to give her the space (15 sq. feet of drying area) and the flexibility to produce her own wraps…and other things too

Now she needed a recipe. She scoured the internet…she collected, she classified and she catalogued. Then she considered… (c what I mean about the alliterations?)

…until she was ready to craft and create (you’re killing me)

Then she got busy in the Kitchen


I wasn’t involved yet. I could hear Wendy’s occasional curse and it pleased me enormously that she was having so much fun…but at this point, I was happy to let her ‘do her own thang’ (ancient hippie proverb)

Wendy had three goals for her wraps…they must satisfy all of her nutritional requirements, have no overbearing taste of their own and they had to be something that a mangeacake like me would eat

Each day over the next three weeks, Wendle tried new and different recipe. Some batches turned out too green


Some just didn’t turn out at all


(not an actual photo of Wendle’s veggie goop)

No matter the result, every day, she went right back at it…


She tried shredding the carrots


(and it wasn’t quite right)

She tried circles


(and it wasn’t quite right)

She tried a whole sheet


(and it wasn’t quite right)

And then, one day…and I can’t even remember when it happened exactly…Wendle sat down at the Kitchen table and handed me a plate. On it, sat a good looking wrap stuffed with cucumber, tomato and avocado on a bed of lettuce

“Try this one”, she said

And then…she waited


“So…do you like it?”, she asked



And Der Wendle saw that they were very good

…and she decided to make more of them

We’ll have to tell you more about that in our next post though, because right now…

…we’re in the Kitchen, making more wraps

Goodnight all

Moose and Wendle




Check out what this kid did to his closet door




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