Where was I?

Tuesday February 18

Wow…sorry about that…

Where was I?

Oh yeah…


A long time ago….(November 16th)

In a land far, far away…(Roberts Creek)

Wendle and I were getting ready to fly off to Toronto. We were making final arrangements with Luke to stay in our little Roberts Creek apartment. Wendy left Luke a note asking him to please eat everything in the fridge, the contents of which included about ten of her wraps

When we got home and saw Luke, he told us about the feast he’d had with his buddies and how much everyone had enjoyed the wraps. I’m not sure, but I think this might have been the moment that Wendle began to contemplate sharing them with the world (thanks Luke)

For the first few weeks of December, we were pretty busy with guests and our upcoming move to Gibsons (December 17 Post). Then Christmas came along, followed by a five day visit with Colin, Zohan and Teddy over New Years

Right after the holidays, Wendy went back to work. She began to share wraps with more friends and the reviews were consistently excellent. She even started to talk about packaging issues (hmmm…)

On January 8th, while I was sick in bed with a cold, she went in to speak with Bob Hoy. Bob is a co-owner of the two local IGA stores. Both Colin (Wendle’s brother) and Jim (Frida’s dad) had told her that Bob is such a great guy and that he is a strong supporter of local food entrepreneurs and that she should speak with him. So, Wendle put her best wraps into a bag and went off to see Bob

The first thing Bob said was, “Whoa…you really are grassroots.” Then he sat with Wendle and explained what her next steps would be if she were serious about moving forward with selling the wraps as a commercial enterprise…proper packaging, ingredient list, nutritional list, UPC code, food safe kitchen, food safe certification, a logo and a name (easy peasy)

She came home both stoked and scared out of her gourd and she did some deep thinking over the next couple of days…

Then, on January 10th, Wendle sat me down and told me that she did in fact want to start a small business making and selling her wraps. She also told me that she didn’t want to do this alone and asked me if I wanted to partner up with her

I asked her, “Why do you want to do this?”

And she said…

“There are so many people feeling tired, unfocused, moody, bloated and puffy eyed. I experienced those symptoms. I was lucky though. My body let me know, in no uncertain terms, ‘I am not designed to process what you are putting into me‘.”

“I love food! It’s my most favourite topic. I have learned a ton about the effects of eating whole healthy food on how I feel. I’ve realized, I can eat ‘for my body’, ‘for my energy’, as well as ‘for my mouth’. I love discovering new ways to eat nourishing food that also satisfy my desire to eat foods that feel good.”

“When I found those flax wraps at the Organic Garage, it was like a whole new world opened up. I could eat sandwiches again; you know…I could actually bring a sandwich to work again. Not only that…I could have a breakfast burrito! It was like having an egg bagel every day… but actually nourishing!”

“For people who are leery of ‘health food’ or are unaware of just how good you can feel when you eat whole healthy food… I want my wraps to be a gateway for them. A gateway to feeling good, eating healthy and still savouring the tastes and textures you crave.”


That’s a pretty damn good answer

I said “Yes, I’d like to be part of that too”

Since then, we’ve been working together and it’s been really great. We’re learning so much and all of it is new to me (ain’t that the truth)

We haven’t established a business plan yet….like I said, there is much to learn and we do want to make informed choices. We promise to share it with you when it has developed from intention into form

So far we have been operating happily under several very sensible guidelines that we both heartily endorse

Gudideline 1: Wendle makes all final decisions


There are other guidelines but they’re on a need to know basis and Wendle tells me that as of yet, I don’t need to know


(stop…i can’t breathe)

Speaking of which…

…Here’s a funny story


Okay, time me…

One night, Chris brought over a pot of his protein slop to share (i’m not sure that’s exactly what he calls it) and Wendle asked him if it was Wendy friendly, meaning of course…can she safely eat it. Then, she stopped, stood bolt upright and said, “Of course…Wendy friendly food…’Wendy Friendly’…thanks Chris”

And that’s how she came up with the name of her company

I’ll tell you more tomorrow…here comes the boss…I gotta look busy


Goodnight all

Moose and Wendle





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