“The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds new discoveries, is not ‘Eureka!’ but ‘That’s funny…'”

Isaac Asimov


Wednesday February 19

First off…

“You’re killing me Blogsy!”

“Is it asking too much to have a save feature that actually saves the transcript? Somewhere?”



…I feel much better now

Say, do you guys remember the night we went over to Up The Creek and tried that Kickass Kombucha? (January 21 Post)

Well, our good buddy Benny Benson (aka Luke) invited us over specifically because Christina, the proprietor of Kickass Kombucha was coming by and he thought we might like to meet her. Thanks Luke, we sure did

Wendle brought a ton of questions and the latest editions of her wrap…even though it was an experimental model and not quite ready for prime time (it was a little too green and the texture and flexibility weren’t quite right…yet)


(neither apparently was the focus)

We had a great time visiting, we learned a ton about starting a local food company and we got to try the Kickass Kombucha…which we now buy at the Roberts Creek Health Food Store

Also very cool was how much Luke and Christina loved the wraps

Meanwhile, our buddies Laurie and Dave, from Pedals and Paddles (January 10 & 11 Posts) had taken a great liking to Wendle’s wraps. In fact Laurie was Wendy’s first paying customer. She also talked the wraps up to friends, shared her amazing colour printer with us, bought more wraps, took us kayaking, offered us contact names for printing, passed along the name of an interested food retailer, bought more wraps, and introduced Wendle to Raven Coastdeliveries (what amazing friends…thanks Laurie and Dave)

Then Jim came into town for a bit and stayed with us. We were well into week two of our period of experimentation and discovery (of what precisely does NOT work). Wendy served Jim the same wraps she was selling to Laurie. Jim loved them

Suddenly, Wendle stopped…

(eureka moment)

.and then she said, “Thats funny, all of the wraps that people are raving about…came from the same recipe.”

We have a winner


That night we ate take home food from a local pub and Wendy had a burger…between two of her raw veggie wraps. They worked as well as a bun and she really enjoyed the feeling of having and holding a real hamburger again (that was very cool)

Jim was so jazzed that he was buzzing all week with ideas and contacts and kitchen tips…it was awesome. Thanks big guy

One afternoon, Wendy whipped up a sandwich for me. Some of Jim’s leftover filet mignon, potatoes, cheese and some mild hot sauce on a couple of her #1 wraps


Did I like it?


Wendle pulled out the winning recipe and raised the amounts so that we could produce in quantity. Then we made a large test batch

We were concerned about them gnarling up like some of our experimental models did but every one of them came out of the dehydrator looking and tasting mighty fine

After that, we went into full production…


…which was of course why we weren’t doing much blogging. We weren’t free to do anything but make wraps and we couldn’t let that cat out of it’s bag until Wendle went to market (February 13 Post)

And did she ever have a blast at the Market

Here’s a picture of Dana, Wendy Friendly Food’s first Market Customer


We’ll show you some more tomorrow…

…hey, I gotta go

I have to…

Actually, I’m just going to go and read my book

Goodnight all

Moose and Wendle



2 thoughts on “Eureka!

  1. Hey Wendle, congrats on the new business, so happy for you. Best of luck and keep the help in line and delegate and keep him busy.

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