Going to Market

“To market, to market, to buy a fat wrap,

Home again, home again, snappety snap.

To market, to market, to buy a fat hog,

Home again, home again, at a walk…I don't jog.”

Me (with apologies)


'Going To Market' (1860 – Constant Troyon)


Thursday February 20

Wendy went to market last Thursday and again today. We thought we'd share some of the sights and sounds of those two trips in a montage of photos

('everybody needs a montage')

During the winter, the Roberts Creek Farmgate Winter Market is held indoors at the Roberts Creek Community Hall


The event host is Rashmi Singh, the owner of Curry In The Creek


Curry In The Creek offers really delicious Indian Cuisine (i loved the butter chicken) which you can pre-order order up until Thursday. Come into the market between 3pm and 6pm on Thursday, and pick up your food

Rashmi and her husband Rob cook everything at the hall, so it's as fresh as it can be


Curry in the Creek hosts the vendors for free as a give back to the community… They split a small fee of $15 paid to the Roberts Creek Association to ensure no subleasing of the space.

So…let's go to market and we'll introduce you to everyone


'Going To Market' (1860 – John J. Lee)


Starting at Curry In The Creek and going clockwise around the room

This is Tawha…she makes empanadas, flat breads, cakes, herbs, pesto and a ton more…ooh Wendle, those empanadas look really savoury (nudge nudge, wink wink)


Kim is selling Hooray-Truffles by Alanna, specializing in hand dipped truffles that are Fairtrade, dairy free, soy free, gluten free, refined sugar free and 100% Organic (please add them to my shopping wish list)


Next (just past the door) is Pat. He sells Kale, Maple Syrup and Jams (sorry…no pic of Pat)

Jerry is next. She sells freshly baked, personal size, homemade pies like raspberry, blueberry…hey wait a minute, why have I not yet tried some of these pies…or truffles. What gives? How am I to say how delicious all these beautiful foods are (and they look droolishish) if I don't eat any. C'mon Wendle, it's not for me…it's for the blog

Martin is with the Roberts Creek Honey Co.. He sells a selection of local honeys made throughout the various seasons. This affects the taste because the bees are collecting from the different seasonal plants. Oh yeah, his honeys are fantastically flavourful

(Jerry and Martin)

Sitting just past Martin's EGGS sign is Dan. Dan treks through the local forests and responsibly harvests, dries and sells some of the many and varied edible mushrooms that call the Sunshine Coast home. Dan will be selling spoors at the Seedy Saturday Seed Exchange on March 15th at Roberts Creek Community Hall (outdoors, from 11am-3pm with a 'seed saving' workshop at 10am)


After Dan (AD) is Tsering. Tsering makes these fantastic and pierogielike Tibetan MoMos (they were really tasty both boiled and fried). Tsering comes from Tibet via the Tibetan Resettlement Project in Canada

“In 2007, His Holiness the Dalai Lama met Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Prime Minister Harper is the second Canadian Prime Minister to have met His Holiness while in office. During the 2007 meeting His Holiness requested that Canada consider offering displaced Tibetans living in India the opportunity to resettle in Canada.

“In December, 2010, the Hon. Jason Kenney, Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism, announced that Canada would welcome 1,000 displaced Tibetans living in Arunachal Pradesh, India to Canada over five years following an appeal by His Holiness the Dalai Lama to Canada’s Prime Minister in 2007.”

Some Canadians have volunteered to sponsor Tibetan singles, couples and families. Sponsors guarantee the costs of providing room and board for up to one year, language support, guidance throughout the settlement process and friendship

Tsering and her family were sponsored by Don and Ellen

(Don and Tsering)

You can get on a list to pre-order Tsering's MoMos by e-mailing Rashmi at Curry In The Creek (hurry, they're selling fast too)

The very last vendor is another young lady new to the coast

Now what was she selling again…

Oh Riiiight

(well…those certainly look Wendy Friendly)

Well that's it for this week's market…time for Wendy to head home


A Country Lane (C19th – Arthur Claude Strachan)

We'll see you guys tomorrow…probably. I don't assume anything. I just take it one moment at a time

Goodnight all

Moose and Wendle




2 thoughts on “Going to Market

  1. Hi Guys,

    Thanks for the visit to the market. It makes me wish it was market time again here. One thing I noticed wasn’t on offer at the market (unless you didn’t happen to mention it) was stuff like salsa, guacamole, chutney, etc. Wendy may find that offering condiments as well as her wraps increases her sales. Yeah, I know it is more work too, but the more you have to offer, the more you sell. Farmer Bert’s saying is “Pile it high and watch it fly”. He likes to get everything up to eye level if possible. Maybe there is another micro-business that could go in with you to make the condiments, and you could share costs and profits? When we go to market, the fruit and veg are ours, but the jams, honey, maple syrup, pies and butter tarts are made for us by other food producers. It certainly can bump up the dollar value considerably each week. And the good thing about condiments is that they have a much longer shelf life without needing refrigeration to store them until the next market.

    Have fun and don’t work too hard. You don’t want to miss the reason you’re at the Sunshine Coast to start with!


    • Hi Teresa! “Pile it high and watch it fly.”, I love it! Thank you Farmer Bert. There’s much more at Market than I mentioned (limited space) but so far, Wendy Friendly Food is strictly wraps. Wendle has ideas for much more but those are currently being stashed in a vault, in a secret underground bunker (location unknown). You mention butter tarts…mmmm…ask Farmer Bert to send me some (i’ll pay the postage)

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