Catch Up


Thursday February 27

We’ve been busy lately and we’ve spent a lot of time in the kitchen. Other happy happenings have however…

(you’re alliterating me alive)

…’Occurred’ over the past several weeks, we just haven’t had time to tell you about them. That means, we have some catching up to do

(well let’s get the information out to everyone as quickly as possible)

Hmmm, I wonder what the fastest way to do that is?

(stop thinking, let’s ride)


On Sunday February 16th we helped Andrea move a sectional couch. We met her at a nearby home where the couch was waiting for us. It’s a really nice leather sectional…and it’s heavy as hell


We took the couch over to Birgit and Don’s house in two loads (more about Don and Birgit in a minute). We didn’t have a truck so Andrea borrowed one from her friend Candy, who is the owner of Vocal Motion. Based in Gibsons, Vocal Motion is an entertainment company providing D.J., Kareoke and Vocalist services to the Sunshine Coast


Candy not only loaned us her truck…she drove both loads over for us with Andrea riding shotgun (Andrea called it first). Thanks Candy

Now, on to Birgit and Don

Birgit works with Andrea and it was her invite that enabled us to go to the Super Bowl party (February 2 Post). Birgit is also the owner of Sunshine Coast Spirit of Excellence which offers exceptional, year-round, sport and art development programs to children of all ages and abilities

Don is an artist, stone sculpture, teacher (and Windsor boy…just sayin)

This is Don in his workshop


Together, Don and Birgit opened Rock’N Art Gallery Gibsons which highlights art…on the coast and everywhere (check out the stone sculpting workshops)

We put the couch sections in Don’s workshop and then we took some time to check out the stone sculptures inside

Some of them, like the ‘Thunderbird’, are Don’s work. The dark stone is called Springstone (gorgeous)


Part of being a good reporter is to make sure no small stories fall through the cracks


This next sculpture is from another artist (Birgit…Don…help, i forget their name). The small ball actually looks like it’s hovering in midair


If you check out Don’s Facebook page, you can see his latest work…a Heron…and follow it’s progression from natural formation to finished sculpture (fantastic)


(wow, horses are slow…is there any quicker way?)

Ahh, sure…


On Friday (February 21) Colin and the kids showed up for a quick visit. It’s a long trip from Victoria (two separate ferry rides) so they didn’t get in until eight’ish that evening

The next morning, Saturday (January 22), Wendle and I mountain hosted up on Dakota Ridge. We got up early and handed Zohan and Teddy off to Colin just before we left for the ridge

Renee and Bryan were out of town at a conference so that day…we went up on our own. Luckily, Bryan and Renee left us the Jeep (along with tire chains, shovels and tow rope)

Gotta admit, I was a little nervous driving up the mountain, in snow, in someone else’s car. A lot of people go off the narrow forest road in the winter and the tow charge is a hefty $400

The drive was beautiful and we didn’t hit the heavy snow until we were nine kilometres up the service road (only 5k more to go)


We got the hot stove fire going, called the mountain’s weather and road conditions in to the SCRD, checked with the groomers on the radio, marked the trails that were open, cleaned the warming hut…did we forget anything?


No…there’s new TP in the outhouse

Hmmm…what did we forget?

Ha Ha…we didn’t forget. We shovelled. A lot!


The ski trails were supposedly very good. Wendle went off and checked the snowshoe trail


She got some great photos and as you can see, there is a lot of snow




She even got a new Gesichtbuch photo


Meanwhile, back at the office

(Economy of effort. Never stand up when you can sit down, and never sit down when you can lie down.’ Winston Churchill)

The ride down the mountain was treacherous (even with chains) and we stopped twice to offer assistance to motorists who strayed off the path and into trouble (like this one)



Luckily, both vehicles finally got back on the road…and without the four hundred dollar tow charge

The snow was heavy enough that we couldn’t take our chains off until we were all but four kilometres down the mountain. The drive took us an hour and a half but we made it safely into Wilson Creek, got some gas and headed home


(sorry, that’s still way too slow…we have a lot of people to reach…is there anything faster?)

Try this, it’s the latest thing in portable electronic communication…


Saturday afternoon, Wendle took the kids over to Andrea’s while I practiced Mr. Churchill’s Economy of Effort

Young Anakin fell into the clutches of Darth Vader, who tried to turn him to the dark side (of becoming a Leafs Fan)


I think it worked…he came home with a ray gun, a different look in his eyes and mumbling something about world domination


After Sunday breakfast, Colin got the kids packed up and they headed back to the ferry


There that was pretty quick wasn’t it?

What’s that?

Oh I know, you thought I was going to finish off with this old chestnut…

(is there nothing quicker than that?)

‘Yeah, I got just the thing’…


But I would NEVER stoop to the use of such lowbrow humor…besides, I’m finished

Yup…we’re all caught up


Goodnight all

Moose and Wendle


I found this and I just had to share it





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