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Tuesday March 4

I'd like to correct an error from the Sunday March 2 Post. I wrongly attributed the crafting and photos of the traditional Maple Syrup trough, to our friend Caleb Musgrave from Canadian Bushcraft (oops)

It turns out that the Master craftsman who actually did create it (and took the photos) is instead a friend of Caleb's (and a new friend of ours) Nick Dillingham of Black Thunder Studios

If you have an interest in traditional culture and bushcraft…you will want to check out Nick's site

(an exquisite primitive bow, bark quiver and arrows)

If you would like to make your own primitive bow then you will definitely be interested in this…(i'm talking to you Crawford Lake Staff)

Traditional Bow workshop by Black Thunder Studios

April 12 & 19

(Near Fowlerville Michigan)

This will be an all primitive tech bow class. Students will produce a bow of deer hunting power using all stone, bone, and wooden tools. This will be a complete system… bow, arrow, and string. MANY old technologies will be explored, including working flint, hide, cordage, sinew, etc. All stages, from felling the student's tree to treating the bow with a moisture resistant finish, will be ALL NATURAL, TRADITIONAL and LOCAL. If you choose (and this is the goal) NO STEEL TOOLS WILL TOUCH THIS BOW. Learn the secret of going from a living tree to a SEASONED shooting bow in one week! $225 per student… less than the cost of the Bow if purchased from someone else.

For families, this class is really an adult project. I would suggest a minimum age of 15 to do this.


Yesterday, Wendle visited with Steve Smith, a local plastics expert (great G1 big guy). We've been considering a template that would accelerate the forming of the wraps and when Wendy mentioned it to Kirk, he recommended she speak with Steve

Steve lives in Roberts Creek and his workshop is in a little cottage on his property


Steve is another Master craftsman…he created this wonderful little cannon (and he's going to test fire it). The little blue pieces, crafted by Steve for a client, will eventually become houses on what is already the largest model train set in the world


One really cool thing that Wendle discovered…Steve is also the inventor of the BC Vaporizer



Geez…Kevin Newman sure investigated the heck out of that story

(say, is Kevin Newman a Canadian politician yet?)

“No, he isn't”


“Why is that good?”

(Peter Kent, Pamela Wallin, Mike Duffy)


Anyway, while she was at Steve's place, Wendle saw this poster which follows the evolution of the BC Vaporizer…


…and this very large and very cool Dragonfly that Steve created


Nowadays, Steve and his wife Sonoko, operate Plasticsmith Inc. a small firm specializing in 'Acrylic Design, Laser Cutting & Engraving'

Before she left, Steve invited Wendy and I back for a…beer. We're looking forward to it


The USA Today Baseball Weekly once said, “Ted Williams was thought to have the greatest eyes in Baseball”

If not, he sure comes close to it…20/10 vision, a lifetime .344 batting average, the second most base on balls in the history of the game, the last player to hit .400 for the season and a Marine fighter pilot in WWII (he set a Marine gunnery record that remained unbroken at the time of his passing, 68 years later) and Korea, where he flew 39 combat missions (often as astronaut John Glenn's wingman)

What I'm trying to say is…he had excellent eyesight (right Ted?)


Now, according to Medical News Today (MNT), Professor Aaron Seitz and a team of researchers at the University of California Riverside


…have designed a vision-training video game designed to improve the eyesight of athletes who are not as visually gifted as was Teddy Ballgame

About one half of the team completed thirty sessions of video game training, while the other half did not

“After completing the vision-training video game, the researchers found that some players saw their vision improve to 20/7.5. This means that what the average person can read at a distance of 7.5 feet, these players are able to read at a distance of 20 feet.”

WOW! That is amazing…but did their new superhuman eyesight help when it came to skills on the Baseball field?


“When it came to skills on the baseball field, the researchers found that the players who completed the vision-training video game had a 4.4% reduction in strikeouts, and the UCR team scored 41 more runs than projected.”


Because it concentrates on training the brain (and not just the eye muscles), Professor Seitz believes that…

“This type of vision training can help improve not only sports performance, but many of these activities in non-athletes as well.”

Now that playing video games has proven to be beneficial to our health…I think some people may wish to apologize for belittling them as 'a useless waste of time'. If you fall into that category…

(hey…cool tee shirt!)


Alright…back to my 'training'

Goodnight all

Moose and Wendle


Under the category of 'I forgot to mention it'…

If you're going out of doors to collect, evaporate or just plain eat pancakes and Maple Syrup…wear some eye protection



Jurassic Bark


(oh Mattie…)



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