Wednesday March 5

At one time, I thought the Interenet was going to be an amazing resource for learning, culture and communication. Then we bought a computer, hooked ourselves up to the worldwide web and found out it was nothing but a load of


Things popping up every time I hit a button…they labelled those annoying things ‘pop up ads’


I finally had enough. After that, I mostly just tuned out for a good number of years

Lately though, I’ve begun to change my mind about the usefulness of the web. I search it quite a bit more than I have previously…mostly for the blog…and I’m enjoying it. It’s turned out to be a very accessible resource for information, no matter what you’re looking for

As good as it’s been…in the last two days I have hit freaking paydirt. I have stumbled upon two of the most fascinating, thought provoking, webstacular websites. The first one we introduced to you yesterday (March 4 Post)

Nick Dillingham’s Black Thunder Studios

Wendy and I have been browsing Nick’s site for several days and all we keep saying is “Wow”.

I mean that…I haven’t yet formed words to describe the depth of artistry that I am seeing. I’m just going to have to wait until my mind comes back from it’s Walkabout

Then last night while I was researching for the blog, I discovered yet another webtreasure…and both Wendle and I were blown away yet again

It’s called Inspiration Green and it is a virtual cornucopia of wellness



Oh Yeah, you’re going to get lost in this site


(Patrick Dougherty)


(Olga Ziemska)



(how to build a green roof)



(pesticide levels in food)



(Playing For Change)



(microalgae street lamps that remove carbon)


And we’re not talking about only a little bit of wonderful either…there is a ton of great stuff on each tab


It’s a glittering gem of a site


Goodnight all

Moose and Wendle

(say, we may finally be making progress as a species)





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