Missed Me By That Much



Friday March 7

It’s Friday….and we’re glad you’re still with us

What we mean is, we’re thrilled that you didn’t collide with 2014 DX110

No, that’s not a monster truck’s license plate…2014 DX 110 is a 30m wide chunk of rock and metal that narrowly avoided impacting with the Earth on Wednesday (March 5). It crossed within 217,000 miles of Earth…or within our Moon’s orbit. According to the folks at the Slooh Community Observatory, it was ‘super close’


You can watch an informative (if somewhat long-winded) video of the asteroid at the Slooh Community Observatory site (look under…’Recent Shows’ – ‘Extremely Close Asteroid Flyby’)

If you’re interested, you can also read about 2014 AA (the first asteroid discovered this year), which actually impacted our planet on January 2, 2014. This asteroid was only about 6-9′ (2-3m) across. It was discovered a day before it arrived and even though it fell into the Mid-Atlantic Ocean (thereby removing any possibility of recovery) it’s impact area was calculated with the help of “data from low-frequency infrasound observation sites of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization

By clicking on the photo below, you can watch an interesting video about this and other ‘near earth’ asteroids


Speaking of Rocks…

In a new (and only slightly creepy) turn of events, a new Swiss Company ‘ Algordanza‘ is now prepared to turn your dead body or the body of someone you love…(or find?), into a pretty keepsake diamond for your family

Oh Baby…JUST what I’ve been waiting for


The price for this transfiguration ranges between 4,500 and 20,000 Swiss francs ($5,000-$22,000), depending on how big a diamond you want to become.” (Motherboard)

After cremation, you have your ashes sent to the company and…after a little Chemistry…you come out as a beautiful diamond (traces of boron in the body tend to make the gems blueish in colour). Be careful to avoid being cremated with your dentures or a prosthesis though, as “the quality of the diamond would be inferior

This is definitely much more environmentally friendly than placing bodies jacked up with plastic filler into the earth and it certainly takes up less room than even an urn of ashes. Hmm…I like it. I can’t imagine how this could possibly go wrong…

(hold on…i think i just spotted Wendle’s Valentines gift)


About 850 people a year are signing up to be made ‘wearable’…and if you’re thinking ‘Hey, I’d like to be one of them’, then check out all the details at the Algordanza website

Just make sure the contract stipulates that the process doesn’t begin until after you’re deceased


Speaking of your continued health and well being…

March 13th is World Kidney Day

But Moose, you might ask…what are the objectives of World Kidney Day?

Well…according to the World Kidney Day website

“Our objectives are the following:”

– Raise awareness about our “amazing kidneys”Highlight that diabetes and high blood pressure are key risk factors for Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD).

– Encourage systematic screening of all patients with diabetes and hypertension for CKD.

– Encourage preventive behaviours.

– Educate all medical professionals about their key role in detecting and reducing the risk of CKD, particularly in high risk populations.

– Stress the important role of local and national health authorities in controlling the CKD epidemic. Health authorities worldwide will have to deal with high and escalating costs if no action is taken to treat the growing number of people with CKD. On World Kidney Day all governments are encouraged to take action and invest in further kidney screening.

– Encourage Transplantation as a best-outcome option for kidney failure, and the act of organ donation as a life-saving initiative.

This year’s theme is Chronic Kidney Disease which, according to the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention, currently affects about ten percent of Americans

March 13th is a heck of a busy day. It’s also National Ear Muff Day…(oh, what will i wear?)…celebrating the invention of the ear muff by Chester Grenwood in 1873

(and i thought valentines day was lame)

And March 13th is also National Jewel Day


Oh Yeah, you heard me…a whole day dedicated to jewellery

(i’m putting my ear muffs back on)

According to AltiusDirectory.com

“Yes!!! March 13 is officially recognized as the National Jewel Day. It’s an excellent day to indulge in your passion for jewelry.”


If you are short of ideas here are some you can try on this Jewel Day.”

(only ‘some’ mind you)

Gift your near and dear ones with jewelry. Remind your ignorant friends about this historic day. May be next time you might receive a few jewelry from them. Rearrange your jewelry box, wear your favorite ones and go out shopping.

(i think i just threw up in my mouth…hey, wait a minute…that means that a whole lot of people are going to be out looking for diamonds soon aren’t they?)

Oh probably…why?

(because i’m not ready to become a lord of the ring yet…i am outta here)


Come back here! C’mon, don’t be silly. No one is going to…hey…what’re you doing…get away from me…I have a contract…


Goodnight all

Moose and Wendle


Speaking of upcoming events




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