Why I Otter

Sunday March 9

Let’s remain in the now today and I’ll tell you about last night tomorrow


Let me go back…

Jim (February 3 Post) came to town on Friday afternoon. He had the weekend off so he drove in from Whistler for a break

Saturday night, Jim, who is a Senior Chef at the Rimrock Cafe in Whistler, created dinner…and what a creation it was

But that dinner is way too involved too discuss right now…and that’s why I’m saving it for another day (yup, he’s waiting for Wendle to explain it to him’)

This morning after a late breakfast, Jim said goodbye to Frida (and us) and headed back to Whistler

Wendy and I spent some time attending to some business details and then Wendle said, “It’s a beautiful day and I want to go for a walk.” (just like that? wow, what noiv)

So, we checked the weather (fantastic with a bit of cold wind), put on our duds and headed down to walk on the beach

We’re there maybe five minutes…you know, looking around…


…and we see our neighbour and good buddy, Chris Mancuso


Wendy and I walk over to Chris, sit down on a log, and begin chatting with him

Suddenly, a gull swoops in on a slow and lazy bombing run…aimed right at Chris (and flying low, to avoid Chris’ radar)


As he passes, the bird releases a bunker busting thunderturd, which sails…about five feet past Chris’ head

Wendy says, “Wow, that was close, it was almost like he was aiming at you Chris”

“I didn’t see it”, says Chris (apparently, flying low actually works)

I’m convinced that the run was intentional, “They’re probably practicing bombing runs and all of the other gulls are laughing at that guy because he missed you by five feet”

Chris is fatalistic about it, “They call them shithawks, right?”

Good point. Wendy and I agree together, “Yup!”

Then Wendy goes down to the waters edge. The tide is out and there is a lot of beach today, so she gets to be pretty far away


(hmmm…good time for a selfie)


(why does every one of Wendle’s shots look like it’s ready to post as a Gesichtbuch profile picture?)

Chris and I are talking, when suddenly, a different gull makes his bomb run…at me

It’s painfully slow…

I have time to say, “this one is aiming at me”

(i told ya it was painfully slow)

The gull is making small adjustments so it can slide into a perfect approach slot (oh yeah, they’re good)

And then the release

(Note: an accurate depiction but not our pic…click on it to see more)

It’s a ‘Turdinator 2000’ (oh crap…it’s a chemical weapon)

It glides gracefully through the air and lands, ‘right on my boot’…or…’on my right boot’


I watch the gull fly away…a wiggle of it’s tail feathers signifying it’s successful attack

Before I can act on the immediate impulse (which is to grab one of the plentiful round beach rocks and go Dave Winfield on the gull’s ass), a series of camera noises pervades my consciousness and brings me back from the edge

Wendy has seen the the drop and has scooted very quickly across the beach to get photos


Chris says, “Well, I guess I’ll be going. Dinner later?”

Wendy and I, “Sure!”

While Chris and Wendy make dinner arrangements, I head down to the water to try and wash my shoe

Wow, the waves are coming in fairly heavy


I get my boot cleaned off and then, as I’m walking back up the beach to Wendle, I notice a smug looking gull sitting up on a nearby rock. It’s staring at me


(i got one thing to say bird…’Randy Johnson’)

With one eye on the gull, my other one notices movement off to our left. It’s an otter


It’s following the shoreline, slipping under the waves occasionally to look for food and it’s heading right for the rock where Ace Gullwing is perched (this oughta be good)

But no…this gull’s too smart…it flies off

Finally the otter arrives and climbs out onto one of the smaller rocks


It looks like it has a fair sized fish in his mouth


Maybe we’ll be able to watch it eat…





(look up)



Very cool…an ultralite, motorized, parasail

(yeah, I think I saw one on that tv show, ‘a thousand ways to die before your time’)

And it’s so freakin loud that it’s scared the otter back into the water (and it’s soooo slow)

Still cool though, and Wendle and I watch it until it lumbers, loudly, out of sight

As soon as it’s gone, the otter comes back out of the water


Yup, it still has it’s fish…which it proceeds to eat with a relish

(what kind of relish would you eat with fish?)

“Why I otter”


The otter notices us watching and gives us a dirty look


Wendy says, “Now seems like a great time to continue our walk”

And we do

On the return journey, we notice that the otter has finished eating and is now grooming itself on the same rock…only now, someone else is watching it’s every move

(look up)


This eagle is sitting in a tree that’s directly in line with the otter and two more are circling high above. The otter seems completely unconcerned

So is Wendle…”Hey, look at the cool log”


Wow, this thing has been beached for awhile…look at all the cool old metal bolts and bits sticking out of it


One final look at our mighty raptor. Is she interested in the otter?


Nah…she’s not hunting…just watching. Besides her favourite dish is fish

(what’s her second favourite…otter?)

No. Shorebirds. You know…gulls

(d’ya hear that Ace? )

Goodnight all

Moose and Wendle


This post is a shout out to all things that fly…like gulls (dirty buggers), ultralights and eagles

…and to Amy, our buddy from Mountsberg Conservation Area. Amy is also taking wing and flying off to new adventures in Florida (actually, I think she’s driving)


Amanda and her good friend Pawgwashiing Migizi

Amy played a large role in Wendy and my discovery of raptors, reptiles, bats and 60lb roadkill beavers…and because of her, we got to spend quality time with some really amazing creatures. Lots of Love Amy and many blessings on your adventure (travel really light)


3 thoughts on “Why I Otter

  1. The 60lb roadkill beaver (and consequently, the both of you) came up in conversation recently, under the heading of “things only a good friend would do, even though they shouldn’t ever”. (PS: No gull hate! They’re awesome!)

    • That’s right, never scrape a 60lb road kill beaver up…with a cheap plastic snow shovel…EVER. I quite like gulls normally, they remind me of Cornelius and Nutcake (can’t remember the other guys name). At least we didn’t call them ‘seagulls’

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