adjective \ˌin-kən-ˈsē-və-bəl\

: impossible to imagine or believe : not conceivable


Thursday March 13

Today is a big day

(how big is it?)

Well, since you’re asking….it’s huge…in fact, it’s sooo vast, that I’m writing about it today (Wednesday) which is your yesterday, just so I can have it ready for tomorrow (Thursday) which is your today. I mean…that’s BIG


Okay, let me explain

Today (Wednesday) we received a parcel


Inside the parcel was 1,000 food safe, 7″ X 8″, re-sealable bags and an impulse sealer, sent to seal said re-sealable sacks


Why the advantages associated with possessing the capacity to seal food inside of the food safe bags are…


Now Wendy Friendly‘s organic, raw, gluten/lactose/grain free veggie wraps (shameless plug) can be delivered to your door, in sealed (and re-sealable), food safe bags by…umm…someone

I mean anybody can do it


…hey Wendle, do we know anyone who can do that?

“Yes, Dial a Delivery

Of Course! Dial a Delivery, who in conjunction with over twenty local small-businesses, now offers you the convenience of ordering locally produced, fresh made; foods, beverages, treats and sweets which are then delivered by basket, right to your door, for the cost of the order (no markup) and a twelve dollar delivery fee

(my gawd, that’s…)


Yes! That’s what I said…and yet it’s happening right now…

…and Wednesday, Dial a Delivery added a new product to their order forms


Yeah Baby!

Now with the hopeful expectation that we may have orders to fill as early as this Friday…and to ensure that Wendle still has enough wraps to sell at the Roberts Creek Farmgate Market today (Thursday)…we are currently carefully crafting healthy, Wendy Friendly veggie wraps and sealing them securely in food safe, re-sealable bags


…I told ya it was a big day

Okay…gotta go…we have lots still to do for Thursday (your today)

I mean the amount of work is vast, it’s huge, it’s…inconceivable

Goodnight all

Moose and Wendle



2 thoughts on “Inconceivable

    • Hi Sasha. Unfortunately no…not yet. The wraps have to be refrigerated and that will prevent us from mailing them anywhere for awhile. You can however buy two brands of really good raw veggie wraps at both Oakville’s Organic Garage and Wholefoods (‘Live Raw’ is one and ‘Wrap-It-Up-Raw’ is the other). Wendle loves them…and they’re a great bread substitute.

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