Simply Divine

“If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.”

J.R.R. Tolkien


Friday March 14

After a very busy week, today has, for the most part, been a day of rest. That means that I have time to tell you about that fantastic gourmet dinner that Jim created for us last Saturday evening (Sunday March 9 Post)

Wendy watched and documented the entire process and now that she’s had a week to explain to me what I was eating, I’ll tell you all about it

Jim’s appetizer was a ‘Heart of Palm Salad’ (see it has a name…salads should have a name…otherwise it’s just mixed vegetables)

Next to a bed of fresh leaf lettuce, Jim placed several plump and juicy cherry tomatoes


He added avocado, green onions and heart of palm


And lastly, a sprinkle of what Jim calls his ‘2,000 island dressing’ which contains a super secret sauce (i could tell you but then i’d have to kill you)




The fragile texture of the palm heart was amazing. It felt as if a butterfly had landed on my tongue

Jim’s entree included oven roasted sweet potatoes (with some olive oil and pepper),


Braised brussel sprouts with onion and pancetta…


…and seared lamb chops


topped with chimmichurri


set in a bed of smokey tomato and red onion sauce


As a finishing touch, Jim placed a dollop of creamy goats cheese


Within each bite was the creamy texture of goats cheese, the occasional hints of cilantro, olive oil, garlic and sun dried tomato (from the chimmichurri) and the tender, juicy lamb. The mix of textures and flavours all playing off of the bold, smokey sauce

As we sat down to eat, Jim cracked a couple bottles of wine…


a beautiful (and very affordable) Spanish Red, CASTILLO DE ALMANSA RESERVA (somewhat Shirazy but not oaky)


and an elegant Chardonnay from Cupcake Vineyards (as advertised, it does have a buttery taste)


And then…

quem effudit, et nos ustus comedebamus


The dinner was magical from the first bite to the last

For dessert…we started with, (yes we each had a dessert starter) two Hooray-Truffles by Alanna

We really wanted a picture of these scrumptious fair trade, organic dark chocolate beauties (so tantalizingly soft and delicious) but they were completely devoured in a piraña-like feeding frenzy and by the time Wendle remembered to take a photo…every one of them was gone

We did get this though (lucky to get it too as all of the other wrappers must have been eaten)

(omg…i still see some chocolate on that wrapper…”scramble”)

Our other dessert was Coconut Bliss, dark chocolate ice cream (soy and gluten free) topped with carmelized roasted pecans that Jim had originally made for the brussel sprouts but had (i think) wisely saved for this sweet treat


It was divine. The first taste, of chocolate, slowly melting away and revealing an ever expanding flavour of roasted pecan

Two amazing discoveries at the end of the meal…

There were very few leftovers (only couple of sweet potatoes and some smokey tomato sauce)

We we did not feel ‘full’. The portions stepped continuously up to a final feeling of physical contentment. Only the senses had had more than they could handle…and needed respite

Jim Mackie…you sir are a true Professional

What a treat. Andrea, Wendy and I had an amazing dinner with Jim and were left to remember the passing joy of having savoured such haute cuisine

Ain’t Life grand!

Goodnight all

Moose and Wendle





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