Seedy Saturday


Saturday March 15

Today is Seedy Saturday

Seedy Saturday is brought to you by One Straw Society (Cultivating food sovereignty and community resilience) Live & Learn, in partnership with the Sunshine Coast Seed Collective

There is a Seed Saving Workshop beginning at 10am. We won’t be there because we were up late packaging and preparing. Then, from 11.00am to 3.00pm, the main event; a massive swapping of seeds between seed savers and soon to be seed savers

It’s all happening at the Roberts Creek Hall and Roberts Creek Masonic Hall (right beside each other at Hwy. 101 and Roberts Creek Road)

Wendle and I pack and leave the house around 9.10am. Wendy Friendly is sharing a table with Hooray- Truffles by Alanna (thanks Kim and Alanna) and we’re meeting up with Kim at 9.30

Wow, there’s already a ton of people here. The lots are full and both sides of Roberts Creek Road are lined with parked cars

That’s a good thing. We are carrying twenty-four packs of lovingly prepared organic, veggie wraps and this venue seems like another great opportunity to share them with people

Kim and Alanna have a new events tent and it’s a beauty. There’s going to be plenty of room under it to keep both them and Wendy out of the elements. That’s good too because it looks like it’s going to be a cold and rainy day in the Creek. I won’t be taking up any room at all…I’m leaving. There are a ton of chores to do today and I’m elected. I am after all, the designated lackey. After helping Wendy set up, I’m off like a herd of turtles

While I’m gone Wendle shares samples of her wraps and chats with the large number of people who show up to swap seeds, plants, sustainable and organic food ideas and products

At two in the afternoon, feeling chilled from the outdoor weather, Wendy and Kim (both of whom are running low on product), move indoors…into the warmth that only a true hubbub of people can generate


I return at 2.15pm. The space is swimming with people and, following the flow, I browse the vendor’s tables


Are there seeds here? Oh yeah, you bet…lots of seeds. Everywhere I look…seeds


Fantastic varieties of Heritage seeds…and plants, vegetables, mushrooms, worms, compost, books…an amazing cornucopia of real, down-to-the-good-Earth food

And how is Wendy Friendly doing?

I am thrilled to discover (and relate) that Wendy has sold all except one package of wraps (three of them to a return customer) and that remaining package is destined to be given away as part of a draw (with the proceeds going to support the continued success of the Sunshine Coast Seed Exchange and programs operated by the One Straw Society)

A very encouraging day to say the least

And the best part…the boss just told me that we have tonight and tomorrow off (isn’t she great?)


I’m glad we have tomorrow off because March 16th is a very special day…

It’s our anniversary

Goodnight all

Moose and Wendle


Maple Town is in full swing at Mountsberg Conservation Area. The festival runs until April 6 and is open every day of March Break, Weekends and Holidays from 10.00a – 4.00p. As you can see from the photo below, Bob, Ody and Ollie have the sled out and are racing through snow. Drop by, hop aboard and hang on…


For additional info about Maple Syrup and Ontario’s Maple Syrup Festivals, check out The Maple Leaf Forever (March 2 Post)



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