Weekend Wrap Up



Sunday March 23

On Thursday, Wendy went to Market again. On her way out of the house, she noticed that the Miniature Daffodils were beginning to bloom. I know it’s still cold and snowy back East but here…Spring is springing and the birds are singing



We have absolutely no idea what these flowers are…Wendy thinks they may be some form of Crocus (c’mon flower officianados…Jim, Teresa…anyone…some help identifying please)

Just outside of the Roberts Creek Community Hall, Wendle met John (Coastal Sun Greenhouses and Farm), a local farmer who was selling his farm fresh products…hanging pots of Bak Choy and Yu Choy (also known as Chinese Spinach)


The leafy greens were so tantalizingly fresh that Wendy couldn’t resist tearing open a package of her wraps and rolling some Hummus and Yu Choy into it. What a wonderful light snack


As a surprise, Wendle brought home some Saag Chicken and a dish of Moong Dai from Curry in the Creek. What aroma, what flavour!


The Coast Reporter, the local newspaper, is available every Friday. In this edition they had a wrap up of last Saturday’s ‘Seedy Saturday’ event. Guess who made it into the photo gallery…

Kim (Hooray-Truffles by Alanna) and Wendy (Wendy Friendly)

Friday night Wendy and I worked on our Foodsafe course. We have to be Foodsafe certified in order to sell Wendy Friendly wraps at the Sechelt Market and we’re currently taking the course online. It’s a fascinating subject and is providing way more information than you would ever wish to know about the effects of the many foodborne pathogens…particularly if you wished to continue eating food (it ain’t pretty). It’s also as exciting as taking WHMS (on steroids)

There are seven parts to the course with a quiz at the end of parts two through seven. After all that, the course wraps up with grand exam


We were up at Dakota Ridge today with Brian and Renee. It’s our last day volunteering for the season (that’s a wrap)

It is the weirdest thing to go up this mountain and find snow in abundance. It snowed most of the morning…a wet snow that stuck to everything. The highlight of our day was when Ullr and Skoll stepped out of the mist and into our midst. Ullr likes to ski the deep wilderness areas and Skoll, I think, was still looking for the Sun (he won’t find it here today)


Saturday evening we had dinner with Renee and Bryan. As we left our place, I was walkng down the steps to the car. Suddenly, I felt that I was being watched. I stopped, looked to my left and saw a mule deer standing stock still behind some bushes. Then I noticed a young fawn browsing the shrubs right behind the Honda. I waited for Wendy, who promptly took some photos



(oh look, it’s standing next to our blooming and as yet unidentifiable flowers)

When we got home from Renee and Bryan’s, we stayed up a little and watched an episode of Sherlock (BBC)

It was really good

Which of course brings us to today…

Sunday March 23

Goodnight all

Moose and Wendle


Oh that’s right…big news this week as some scientists confirmed the Inflationary Universe Theory by recording gravitational waves that were unleashed “a fraction of a second after the Big Bang


(just sayin)


Our buddy Caleb had a trying week too

Thursday morning he was out for a ride on his valiant steed ‘Pungdyr’

(photo courtesy of Caleb Wazhushk)

Suddenly Pungdyr, who’s been drinking way too much of those high caffeine energy drinks went into a rage (are you listening Brett) and attacked Caleb, mauling him mercilessly


Caleb survived (although hideously maimed) and Pungdyr was taken into custody

Later, in a fit of remorse (a symptom of withdrawal from the energy drinks), Pungdyr ended his own life




And that my friends…is a wrap

(no seriously, someone turned Pungdyr into a woman’s wrap)

Hey, I don’t make the news, I only report it




5 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap Up

  1. The flower could be Crocus aerius which flowers in March only, it could also be a variety of crocus imperati but hard to tell without a close up picture of the outer petals!!

  2. Wow…talk about subliminal advertising. You used the word ” wrap ” 8 times in this blog. Keep up the good work. LOL


  3. Hey guys,

    I think you have a species of Primula in your photograph. Also known as Primrose. There may be as many as 300 different species, plus they like to cross with each other, so I can’t say for sure, but the crinkled leaves, yellow centre and the fact that is one of the first flowers to come up in the spring would seem to fit. If it is, the flowers are edible, but make sure you can get someone to identify it for certain before adding it to your salad bowl.


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