Argiope aurantia – Black and Yellow Garden Spider

(thank you Brad)



Wednesday April 16

I’m sitting here watching plants

Bamboo to be exact

I noticed them moving in unison

Straining, towards the Sun…following it

There are clouds in the sky and when the Sun disappears…the plants go limp and hang, as if in repose


The Light is their Lord and Master

In it’s presence, they come to attention


Every leaf welcoming the warmth. Energy. Life

They look like tiny green solar panels

Incredibly efficient

You don’t have to search very far to discover the magic of Nature


On Saturday evening, Andrea, Chris, Wendy and I went to a fundraiser for Ecole Du Pacifique, the local French school


There was a silent auction, door prizes, raffle baskets and music…lots of music. A local group (The Rakish Angles) playing a mix of jazz and newgrass, entertained until nine (they were fantastic) and then a D.J. (The Bryan) took over and raised the cedar roof

Every Day I’m Shuff-a-ling


Fired up on Cosmos, Chris won the spotlight dance



There were two dance related injuries. Apparently, two as yet unnamed party-goers (Wendle and Andrea) were Shuff-a-ling a little too enthusiastically (it’s in their nature)


After much icing, both parties are making a speedy recovery


Travel News

Our friends Baz and Glenda are travelling to Ecuador. Baz is excited to try the Cuy


Hey Baz…try some of the other delicacies too…

Ecuadorians also have a fondness for beetle larvae and a soup made from bull penis

(how old ARE you?)

And Speaking of Nature…

Check out this very cool live coverage of a Hummingbird nest in Esquimalt BC (thank you Eric Pittman). Remember, click on the pic to go to the link


Goodnight all

Moose and Wendle


‘Common Bird Illnesses’



Look Ma…No Hands





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