All Is Not Lost

never give in, never give in, never, never, never-in nothing, great or small, large or petty – never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense”

Winston Churchill, Harrow School (29 October 1941)



Friday April 25

Let’s start with some backstory…

Today we’re talking about the events of Easter Sunday, April 20 (just ignore the date at the top of the page) but before we can do that, we’ll have to provide some backstory for our backstory (capiche?)

Back in September, Luke, Wendy and I were watching a movie. A trailer came on for a soon to be released film called All Is Lost, starring Robert Redford. A shipwreck movie seemed the perfect choice to psyche Luke up for his upcoming solo sailing adventure from BC to Australia (you know…The On Board Project). But we had to wait


And wait

Until Sunday

We’ll come back to the movie in a minute, let’s talk about dinner first

On the same Sunday (yes, Easter Sunday), Wendy was cooking a beautiful ham and scallops dinner with Ceasar salad. Andrea and Chris were coming over for 5.30pm and I was driving into Roberts Creek to pick up Luke

I found him in front of the Roberts Creek store. He was standing like Captain Morgan and pounding back a beer


Seeing me…he raised the bottle in salutation, chugged down the contents and chucked it into the recycle bin

I drove the Captain back to Bonniebrook, arriving just as Andrea was parking her car. Her arms were full of incredible dessert offerings so she asked Luke to carry a bouquet of flowers she’d brought for Wendy. Somewhere on the walk to the house, we all decided that it would be fun if Luke pretended he had brought the flowers. He had in fact bought a bottle of French sparkling wine, so now he would be walking into the house with gifts in both hands


Wendy reacted pretty much as you would expect



Chris, who had also come bearing wine (and Coconut Bliss Chocolate Peanut Butter ice cream), was left to wonder where his hug was?

(i’m kidding…Chris and Andrea got hugs too)


After dinner we sat around sipping wine, laughing and talking and then Chris and Andrea had to leave because they were working Monday morning

Luke, Wendy and I stayed up and watched the film

(okay now back to the film)

Let me begin by saying that the critics loved this film. If you’ve already clicked on the All Is Lost link above…you’ll have seen that according to Rotten Tomatoes, ninety-three percent of critics liked the movie

Us…not so much

How best to summarize this movie…hmmm…let me see…

(time me)

“A creaky octogenarian discovers that negligence, poor choices and misfortune to rival the plagues of Job will almost certainly result in unmitigated disaster and personal despair”

I’d say more about how ridiculous the whole thing was but Luke, who does know something about sailing, is planning to do his own rant on You Tube and I wouldn’t wish to diminish his effectiveness

I will say that the three of us we’re howling with laughter at what was meant to be the climax of the main characters suffering

I should also state that the ancient mariners personal safety would have been much better served had he used one of these to get up and down the mainmast


Okay, so the movie sucked. No biggie. We had a great meal, shared an evening with wonderful and very funny people (i laughed so hard at one point, i think ham shot out of my nose…at least i hope it was ham), and we were thoroughly entertained by the crazy high jinx of that really dreadful sailor in the movie (he was truly awful)

See…all is not lost

Goodnight all

Moose and Wendle


This remarkable artwork would make a great tattoo

(just sayin)



I would once again like to remind everyone that you can click on most of the photos and links and be instantly transported to sites of extravagant delights

(not really…just click on the freakin links ok)




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