Good Fortune



Wednesday April 30

Wendle and I were approaching another of life's crossroads

Our time living here on Camp Road comes to an end today. If we were going to stay on the Sunshine Coast we would need to find another place to stay

That of course raised a more basic question, “Are we staying on the Sunshine Coast?”

We'd like to. We've enjoyed our experience here. We've met outstanding people and thrilled to the nature that surrounds us. We'd like to stay and fully explore the possibilities presented by our new business endeavour. We're enjoying making Wendy Friendly wraps and the product continues to gain confidence with local consumers. Learning new things and creating something novel and healthy is both satisfying and a lot of fun.

(for instance)

Monday, someone from Ontario contacted Wendy to see if we could ship him some wraps and it was most rewarding to say…No.

'But Moose', you ask, 'what could be rewarding about not making a sale?'

The thing is, Wendle sent the prospective buyer information on brands and locations so that he can buy a similar product locally. That's better for the environment, for the local farmer, the manufacturer and more convenient for the shopper. Everyone wins

How satisfying is that!

We're enjoying ourselves enough that we are considering settling here…but for that to happen, we would have to be confident that we can earn our keep making and selling wraps ('cause there are not a lot of jobs here)

We believe that's a possibility worth exploring but in order to accomplish that goal, we have to be in the position to make a lot more product…and that will take financial resources that we do not have (another crossroad)

With that in mind we have been considering how we could afford to upgrade the size of our dehydrators…and with the help of our friend Pat Higgins, we think we might have found a way

Pat (who besides being a local Fireman is also a genius at refurbishing old kitchen machinery), Wendy and I have been contemplating adapting a previously used kitchen device into a dehydrator. The other day, Pat told us about a used hot holding oven at the YMCA Camp here in Gibsons

Wendle and I drove out to gorgeous Camp Elphinstone to see it



And it's a beauty!


Thirty-six racks. Each rack holds one Full-Size Tray…onto which we can fit six wraps (or one pack). If this machine can be turned into a fully functioning dehydrator, then we could theoretically produce thirty-six packs of wraps per day…or 180 packs per week…enough to begin placing Wendy Friendly wraps into cafés, health stores and possibly super markets

(if it works)

It will work or it won't. No pressure. Part of the fun in living moment to moment is that there are absolutely no guarantees. There aren't anyway of course but things like a full time job can sometimes give the illusion of security

We bought the oven

We'll pick it up Thursday evening, deliver it to Pat and hope like hell that our combined theories (and his master craftsmanship) will prove out. If so, then within the next week or so we might be in a Foodsafe kitchen turning out large quantities of healthy, handmade, organic veggie wraps

That means we're staying. At least for the immediate future. We have to…we want to see how things turn out

Consequently, we will need another place to live (like today)

Luckily, fortune smiled on us again. Jim's landlord, Bruce (October 19 Post) contacted a neighbour and asked her if she would be interested in renting her cottage to us. Diane (that's her name) said “Yes”. She drove from the Okanagan and showed us the cottage. We like it a lot. It's furnished and immensely affordable so we said “Yes” too

Later today, after Jim returns home from Whistler, Wendy and I will place Frida into his loving arms (we are really going to miss that kitten) and we will move across the lane into Diane's little cedar cottage (pictures to follow)

We'll stay until the end of June…and see how it goes

And as always, we promise to keep you posted

Goodnight all

Moose and Wendle


It's been one year since our best friend Brian passed. There hasn't been a day since that he hasn't been on our minds and in our hearts


Brian (Waawaatesi) was a Firekeeper, a bagpiper, an astronomer, a peacemaker, a wisdom seeker and a gentle and patient teacher. He was a citizen of the world, a loving father and a friend to many. We love him a lot and so do many others. We won't be the only ones honouring him on this day

This one's for you brother (please click on the pic to see the video)




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