Friday May 9

Wow, it’s been a week since our last blog. Completely understandable since we have been extra busy handcrafting Wendy Friendly wraps (shameful product promotion)

‘But Moose,’ you might ask, ‘what’s the rush?’ (nope…didn’t hear anyone ask that)

Well, since you asked (sheesh)

The Roberts Creek Arts Festival is next weekend

This year’s Roberts Creek Arts Festival has 8 venues spread throughout our Roberts Creek Nation, celebrating the highest calibre arts in dream-come-true collaborative locations. Each venue will host live music, visual/performance arts, and offer artisan foods.”


Wendy Friendly is hoping to be amongst the ‘artisan foods’ being offered at one of the venues

Making a large quantity of wraps without a larger dehydrator is a continuing challenge. Realistically, using our current equipment, we can hope to produce seventy packs of wraps by next Saturday, May 17th. As minimal as that number may appear…it will be the largest number we will have ever produced for any one event or sale. It’s going to be a blast to see all of those packs lined up together

If everything works out, we’ll continue making wraps everyday until May 17th, sell them at the Festival Saturday and Sunday and then have a day off (hey isn’t armed forces day on the 19th?)


As you may remember, Jim returned home from Whistler on May 1st and we moved across the lane to the cedar cabin. The woods surrounding the cabin is a second generation forest filled with large cedar and fir trees, eagles, ravens, mule deer and a whack of other critters who we hear more than we see. Just walking to the compost heap is a treat

Wendy took some really great pics of this Pileated Woodpecker in Jim’s yard. The Woodpecker didn’t seem to be at all bothered by our presence. He’s a big, healthy bird. He might in fact be the guy who’s been drumming so loudly (either looking for a mate or making this year’s nest). Today…he’s quite literally looking for food and he doesn’t care who’s watching


Wendy also took some photos of these beautiful Spanish Lavender in Sechelt (one thing the mule deer won’t eat)


The other day, Wendle was at our buddy Michelle’s organic ‘Suncreek Farm‘. Michelle makes the very best goat cheese (it’s amazingly good) and Wendy got some great pics of her hardworking staff



Chris shared a photo his family sent him from home. It’s a beach on Prince Edward Island and it’s postcard perfect


Farley Mowat passed the other day. If you are a lover of our natural world (or you went to high school anywhere in Canada), you may have had your fire stoked by Farley. We’re going to share this NFB short film that our buddy Jeremy posted. It’s always great to listen to a master storyteller

(hey, should I just click on the photo?)



Okay…it’s Friday and I’ve had these other great stories burning a hole in my electronic memory too long so hold onto your hats and enjoy the ride

(and if you’ve already seen some of these on Gesichtbuch…it’s your fault for spending too much time on the damn thing)

Our FB friend Nick Dillingham posted a wonderful teaching on the difference between a Crooked Knife (or Mocotaugan) and a Crook Knife (of European design). Nick is a master craftsman and if you haven’t yet checked out his amazing work at Black Thunder Studios (March 2, 4 & 5 Posts) we highly recommend that you do

At this Black Thunder Studios link, you can see a beautiful, personalized Mocotaugan

Nick also shared a link to a book about this unbelievably versatile and important woodland tool. It’s a great read with fantastic photos


And if you’re in the mood to make your own Crooked Knife (very handy for making bowls, spoons and about 1,001 other items), try this link


(and remember…it draws towards you)


This next item is called Pendulum Waves but I call it Beautiful Physics


You all know how much I love the Samsquanch…and now, methinks that one may have been sighted near Squamish, only a half hour drive from Vancouver (Sammy is coming closer)


And speaking of big, burly guys…check out this great video titled ‘Beans’. It was sent to us by Wendy’s cousin Shawn

(he works for nasa)

No…he doesn’t

(this is actual nasa footage)

No…it’s not. It’s Beans


Lastly, welcome home Baz and Glenda (May 1 Post). Thanks for all the great pictures of Equador…

(like this one)


…and we’re so happy that the Tarantula only ate one of your sandals


Have a great Friday everybody…we’re hitting the hay

Goodnight all

Moose and Wendle


This old video of the Ross Sisters contains some of the craziest yoga moves I have ever seen. Check it out…and give them a chance to warm up and get moving (it’s crazy i tells ya)



(for the love of mike…click on the pics)




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