May 2-4

Friday May 16

In case you’re keeping track, it’s only thee more days until armed forces day’ (not an official holiday…yet)

And that means it’s time for our Friday round up

So…guess who is going to be at this year’s big Roberts Creek Arts Festival?

Yup, Wendy Friendly will be there as one of the…

“Small Scale Artisan Food Vendors on Location at Goldmoss Gallery 12-7pm Sat & Sun May 17h and 18th”

It sounds really great. The Goldmoss Gallery is said to be beautiful, there’s Art, great Music and of course some fine local Food. Wendy Friendly will be together with Michelle’s Suncreek Farm. Wendle is planning on serving up some culinary treats on all of those wraps we made and Michelle will be offering her amazing goat cheeses, jellies and sauces. Supposedly, I will be on cash (a childhood dream, to be sure)

Today is our last day to prep and then we’re at the gallery Saturday morning at ten to set up. I’ll keep you posted


We have been blessed with amazing May weather. It is a joy to wake up

As Wendle and I returned home the other night, we spotted several warriors taking advantage of the sunshine by practicing armed conflict…sword and shield style (they were whacking the beejeeziz out of each other)

Wendy shouted, “Pull over and I’ll take some pictures”

So I did

Wendle jumps out of the car, and asks some medieval groupies if she can take a picture. There was a surprisingly large female entourage (are ya listening single guys) and one of them shouts out to the two combatants, “HEY! THIS LADY WANTS TO TAKE YOUR PICTURE”

Now, this could have gone really sour, particularly if the one guy had looked up to see what she was yelling about while the other was bringing the sword of wrath down upon his head. However, that didn’t happen. Instead of mayhem, the two guys just sort of stopped…in mid-swing


Somehow, the gladiators must have thought that Wendy wanted them to pose for pictures because they stood up, turned slowly and began a long, slow motion walk towards her…

(i can hear Holst’s Mars, the Bringer of War in my head)




It was totally enjoyable. A great way to experience History, up close and full on (“cry ‘Havoc!’, and let slip the dogs of war“)


The next afternoon, Wendy and Andrea went into Sechelt together. I finished up the wraps and cleaning and then drove the Civic home to Bonniebrook. The sun was just staring to set as I drove down the beach road


Just as the thought crosses my mind that we should all head down to the beach…I see Andrea and Wendy standing in the road in front of Chris’ house and they’re waving to me. So I parked the car and we headed down to the beach together (and Chris brought his Uke)


The sunset was expansive


Wendy took a video of the sunset while Chris played a song (and someday, that video will appear directly below this sentence)

‘Gower Point Sunset, Gibsons BC’


Then Andrea picked up the Uke and started playing. She was an apt pupil…in fact, while we sat there, Chris taught her how to play Somewhere over the Rainbow


In other news…

Our pal Luke is in Saskachewan working in the Canola fields. It’s planting season


We weren’t sure how he was doing until his new The On Board Project video came out. It let everyone know that he had arrived safely


Last thing…

Our buddy Dana wrote the other day and insisted that the carrot cake at Molly’s Reach was amazing and that we had to try it. When it comes to pastry, Dana is to be trusted completely, so I tried it

(how was it?)

Oh…it was goooood


Thanks Dana

Have a safe and sunny weekend everyone

Goodnight all

Moose and Wendle


In Canada, it’s the official ‘May two-four weekend’ (what does that even mean?). It means, stay ‘frosty’ Canada


I have no clue what kind of dog this is…but I want to cuddle with one





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