Now THAT Is Art (Part One)



Tuesday May 20

What a weekend.


Where to begin our recounting of the last four days. Hmmm…

Alright, I got it. I’ll start with Friday (well that’s certainly sensible)


Friday May 16

Wendle and I have booked a Foodsafe kitchen in Roberts Creek for the day (sort of a test run) and we’ve arrived with all of our cutting, mixing and dehydrating gear. After prepping everything, we formed the wraps and put them into the dehydrators to process. Now we’re free to do some other things


Wendy’s plan is to create about one hundred ready-to-eat rolls that she can serve, over the two days of the Roberts Creek Arts Festival. That will use up seventeen packs of wraps and leave us with…(quick figuring)…ahhh…thirty-seven packs that we can sell and some individual wraps that she’ll use as samples

Jim comes over and joins us in the early afternoon. What a guy…he’s just come from the driving range and he’s here to help Wendy get the rolls prepared. It’s very much appreciated big guy. Together, he and Wendy start prepping the ingredients; fresh Goat cream cheese and greens from Michelle’s SunCreek Farm, homemade hummus, celery, shredded carrots and red pepper

They clean, cut and shred the greens and then they mix garlic and chives into the cream cheese (and it was good…and they saw that it was good…and in the second hour, they made hummus)

They laid the hummus and fresh greens across some delicious Wendy Friendly wraps


Then they piped some cream cheese along the wrap

(ach laddie, that moost have been verrrry excitin)


No…I mean they used a piping bag to place the cheese along the length of the wrap




Then they added the celery and shredded carrots

(and voila)


Once the rolls were completed, we finished the wraps, placed them into individual, sealed packs and into a cooler


We cleaned up, locked up and left…getting home around 8.30pm

Of course there was more to do after dinner…printing and affixing labels, making extra hummus, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera


Then it was time for some sleep (say, what time is it anyway?)


Oh crapballs…we really have to get to bed. We’ll see you all tomorrow


Saturday May 17

(what took ya?)

Yeah, hurry up….we have to get all this stuff over to the gallery by 10.15am

(what gallery?)

Oh right…Wendy Friendly is at the Goldmoss Gallery in Roberts Creek

We arrive and walk up to the very classy wrought iron gate


Quite sensibly, considering the number of people expected today, the gate is closed and traffic pylons have been placed in front of it (are you sure we’re in the right place?)



We enter via a small gate and walk up the beautiful laneway towards the house and gallery


It’s rather a long walk (uphill both ways) and we’re lugging a lot of gear. By the time we get to the food tents at least one of us is breathing hard…but we won’t mention any names (Wendle)

Wendy Friendly is sharing a table with SunCreek Farms and when Michelle sees us trudging up, the first thing she says is, “Why didn’t you drive your car in?” (good question)

Wendle says, “We’re here now….so let’s set up”


Right next to Michelle and Wendy is a tent belonging to More cafe and bakeshop. That’s the owners Leslie (in the dark shirt) and Andrew (in the green tee). They’re scrumptious pastries are seductively displayed and they beckon me…as if calling my name (“i’ll be back”)


Wendy and Michelle are quickly set up


(lookin good)

Oh yeah, they’re ready to rock

“Let the Art begin”

To Be Continued…


Whatd’ya mean what. That’s the plan. I’m going to the gym and then I’m picking up Jim and Chris at 1.30pm to return here

(you might have mentioned that earlier)

You mean like putting ‘Part One’ in the title? Something like that?


We’ll see you guys in Part Two

Goodnight all

Moose and Wendle


This being the long weekend and all…friends everywhere are out enjoying themselves

Our young brother Caleb (November 3 Post) is dancing at the Hiawatha First Nation, 20th Annual Pow Wow


Our buddy Liz (August 5 & 6 Post) is thrilling to multiple sightings of Orcas


Our pal Terri is hanging off the CN Tower

(what, what, whaaat?)

That is one gutsy lady


And Luke ‘Benny’ Benson is driving a combine all over hell’s half acre in Saskachewan. Check out his newest The On Board Project video on You Tube, it’s really fun (just click…the pic)



Hey, the video from the May 2-4 Post (May 16 Post) is up on that link…check it out (but only do it if you want to feel really peaceful for a minute and a half)




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