Now THAT Is Art (Part Two)




Friday May 23

Hey there, welcome back

In Now THAT Is Art Part One, Wendle and I…

I’m just kidding. I’m not really going to rehash everything

Hey, it was only three days ago for gawd’s sake, surely you remember. And if you don’t, just click on Part One and catch up. Go ahead, we’ll wait…

(your world)

Saturday May 17 (continued)

I’m at home. I’ve been to the gym and showered. The next part of the plan is for Jim, Chris and Chris’ son Kato to meet here at one thirty. Then we’ll head over to the gallery for a visit…you know, expose Kato to some Fine Art and Music

At 1.30pm Jim arrives…and right on time (points for Jim). Chris is running a little late (he’s running some errands) so Jim and I are relaxing out on the deck. Despite the dire weekend weather predictions, the day is sunny and glorious…and the local scenery is most relaxing




(hey, here comes Chris and Kato…let’s go)

Jim says he has some things to do later so he takes his own car. Chris, Kato and I hop into the Civic, and drive across Lower Road to the Goldmoss Gallery…actually it’s Goldmoss Gallery and Sculpture Grounds and the property truly is a wonderful blend of nature and art


We walk over to the food area and say hello to Wendy, Michelle and her friend Michelle who is lending a hand today. Michelle owns SunCreek Farm and makes many zesty and delicious sauces along with organically grown produce. Michelle’s friend Michelle is the owner of Terra Tea.  Wendle has a bottle of Michelle’s Michelle’s Cajun Style Hot Sauce out on the table as a condiment (c’est vraiment delicieux)

This morning’s crowd was smaller than expected but the afternoon numbers have increased and the girls are having a blast chatting, selling and listening to live music together

Unfortunately, us new arrivals have just missed the last band and the next group is still in the process of doing soundchecks

(hmmm, that gives me plenty of time to check out the wares)

These look good

As I’m chowing down on a savoury goat cheese and hummus veggie roll the two Michelles let me in on a secret…I simply MUST try one of More Cafe and Bakeshop‘s double baked, chocolate almond croissants

(well, if i must)

Les is waiting for me


Oh my gawd, this croissant is divine. Buttery crispness on the outside, soft and flaky inside and absolutely delicious in it’s entirety. I also have a butter tart, on a shell of what I’m fairly certain is shortcake (scrumptious)

Once I’ve filled my fat face, I sit back down with the gang and enjoy the beauty of the surroundings whilst watching the band, Brothers In Farms, who have begun to play

(L to R – Moose, Jim, Chris and Kato)


‘Brothers In Farms’

(be careful up on that railing or the band’s new name will be ‘brothers in traction’)

After about an hour and a half, Jim reminds us that he’s heading out to do his errands…Chris leans over and says that Kato has had enough culture for one day. We’re going to head back to Gibsons and bring him home…I tell Wendle, who reminds me that the festival finishes at seven


I’m actually back early. Not sure why but I just felt like coming. It turns out to be a timely return because the festival concludes at six…not seven. Wendy and the two Michelles are just starting to pack up as I arrive and Wendle is pretty happy to see me (i do what i can)

We pack all of the perishables into coolers and, leaving everything else in situ (we are returning tomorrow), we head home


Sunday May 18

It’s 10.30am and we’re all set up. It was certainly handy to know that we could drive right onto the gallery grounds with our gear

My gawd it smells good here. It was supposed to rain again today but the weather gawds have smiled on us once more and the fresh morning air is filled with the scent of Spring in full bloom

I’m heading home again…I’m on the house cleaning detail. I’ll see you back here at 4.30 sharp



As I walk up to the food tents I notice that the Wendy Friendly table looks very inviting. Surprisingly, instead of Wendy, Andrea is chatting with customers. She has only just returned to the Coast from Vancouver and she’s already pitching in…what a gal

Chris is also here, sitting next to the campfire with the two Michelle’s. Andrea tells me that Wendle is off somewhere taking pictures. I sit down…I’m sure she’ll find us

(oh…there she is)


When she returns she says, “Moose you have to see the Art…it’s fantastic…c’mon”

“Okay,” I stand up, “I’m ready, let’s go”

And we did…

…and it was fantastic…

…but you’re going to have to wait to see and read about it because my typewriter just ran out of ribbon (if you don’t know what that means…ask your great-gramma)

Oh alright…we’ll show you one piece…but just one



Stay tuned for more…

Goodnight all

Moose and Wendle


Now this is a sweet Police car


“This Lamborghini Huracán LP 610-4 is replacing the Gallardo that was used by the Italian police force since 2004.”


Check this out…it’s video of Earth from the ISS (International Space Station) HD Earth Viewing Experiment. It’s being broadcast live and if the cameras go down, there is still previously recorded footage to watch. It’s really cool and you can look in just by clicking on this pic





These are the Dubai Police Cars that Baz is referring to…a Ferrarri AND a Lamborghini (schmancy)




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