Now THAT Is Art (Conclusion)




Sunday May 25



A really good writer would craft today’s post on it’s own merits, while seamlessly tying in all of the necessary information from previous portions of the story

That is not going to happen here

Instead, I’m going to recommend that if you haven’t already done so, you might wish to read the previous two posts. Just click on these links to Part 1 and Part 2

Everybody else good?


Now, I have two stories to relate before we show you Art from our excursion at the Goldmoss Gallery

Last Sunday (May 18), Wendy was sitting and chatting with the two Michelles when she saw a pair of Eagles flying overhead. Later, while she was speaking with Lee (one of the owners of the Gallery), she mentioned seeing the Eagles

Lee said, “Oh, that must be the pair”

“What do you mean?”, asked Wendy

“Well,” said Lee, “a little while ago, Bon (Lee’s partner and co-owner of the Gallery) was out taking photographs of birds. She looked up and saw two Eagles, talons joined, falling through the air.”

(an aerial dance called ‘Cartwheeling’)

Once attracted to a potential partner, the bald eagle may begin one of several elaborate courtship rituals called “cartwheeling.” In this magnificent display, the eagles soar to dizzying heights, lock talons, and begin a breathtakingly death-defying plunge to the earth. Just moments before striking the ground, the eagles disengage and once again soar to the heavens. If the timing is not perfect, certain death awaits this pair of speeding bullets.” – Vanderbilt University Study


The clinching interlocking claws, a living, fierce, gyrating wheel,

Four beating wings, two beaks, a swirling mass tight grappling,

In tumbling turning clustering loops, straight downward falling,

Walt Whitman, The Dalliance of the Eagles


(sorry Lee…please go on)

“Bon filmed the Eagles as they fell.” Then, pointing to a spot on the ground about four feet away from where he and Wendy were standing, Lee said, “They landed right there.”

He invited Wendy up to the front room of the Gallery to see the Eagle

“You can see it’s the film of them falling.”, said Lee


Okay…last announcement…

Artists are usually unhappy with people taking photographs of their Art

‘Why?’, you might ask…

Well…while a good Professional Photographer might capture the spirit of a piece, the average tourist using their phone camera will not. The photo will likely be out of focus, poorly framed and/or poorly lit and others to whom one would show this photo, might actually believe that it is an accurate representation of the Artist’s work

With that in mind, we were very appreciative of Lee agreeing to Wendy photographing and posting some of his work. Thank you Lee for being so gracious

Now, as promised, some beautiful Art, by Lee Roberts, courtesy of the Artist and the Goldmoss Gallery





The Gallery is beautiful and the grounds…stunning



At the end of another beautiful day, we packed up the Civic, said goodby to our wonderful hosts Bon and Lee and went home to a well deserved dinner with our friends

And how did Wendy Friendly do over the weekend?

Well, we sold every pack of wraps we had and half of the prepared goat cream cheese, hummus and veggie roll up treats…and by sharing out the remaining half, we made our friends and neighbours very happy

We also discovered that the wraps could contain moist ingredients (like cheese and hummus) for three days and still remain sturdy and refreshingly tasty…and that is a huge discovery

Wendy is pretty jazzed about this, “The wraps performed way beyond my expectations. People kept commenting on how delicious they tasted. I wasn’t certain that, after filling them with cheese, hummus and greens, they would remain in their dehydrated state. To my surprise, they took on the perfect amount of moisture, producing an almost doughy texture.”

We met many new friends who are excited about eating our wraps. We achieved the goals we had set for the event and Wendy Friendly even went home with a small profit in her pocket. We saw some amazing Art, enjoyed perfect weather, lush natural surroundings and the companionship of great friends

Yeah…we’d have to say that it was a very rewarding experience

Goodnight all

Moose and Wendle







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