(Video courtesy of Bill Grant, Canadian Army Film and Photo Unit and Legion Magazine)



Friday June 6

Seventy years ago today, an armada of young kids (from the allied countries) plodded across the stormy English Channel and landed, under fire, upon the shores of Normandy. An enormous and successful undertaking that still ranks as the largest planned amphibious assault ever…and the first step in the liberation of Europe from Nazi tyranny

To our WW2 veterans…in fact to all Veterans…

Thank You


And now the news


We’re glad you asked…

Friday May 23

Adam, Andrea’s son (and a good friend of ours) has arrived on the Sunshine Coast to live. He drove to Chicago to visit family and then across Canada (from Winnipeg to Kelowna) with his buddy Jordan. After staying a few days in Kelowna with his pal Ryan (a high school friend), Jordan flew home and Adam and Ryan continued across on the ferry this evening. Andrea and the guys met Wendy and I for dinner at the Blackfish Pub in Gibsons

(Front: Ryan. Back: Andrea, Adam, Wendle and Moose)


Saturday May 24

The kids have arrived for a visit. Their mom (Maude) is at a birthday party in Sechelt and the little ones are staying with us until Sunday morning

Zoltan is still sporting the scars from a recent knife fight (stitches: a definite ten on the tough scale)


That evening, Adam, Andrea, Chris and Ryan joined us for dinner. Teddy had to show Andrea (and the world) his new Lego



Sunday May 25

We spoke to Maude this morning and we’re meeting her and Shawn for breakfast at the Gumboot. As it turns out, Teddy eats like a famished hamster (a family trait)

By the way…for those of you who are acquainted with the Big Dog shirt I’m wearing (yeah, i’m talking to you Mountsberg), you should know that the owner of the Gumboot liked the shirt so much that he offered me endless breakfasts for it in trade (a fellow connoisseur no doubt). I had to turn him down (it’s Wendle’s favourite)


After Maude, Shawn, Teddy and Zoltan left, Wendy and I went to the beach



Tuesday May 27

We’re making wraps when Wendle gets a call from Andrea. She was driving to one of her appointments when she started experiencing severe chest pains. After some gentle prompting, Andrea went in to the Emergency unit of St. Mary’s Hospital, underwent a barrage of tests and bloodtests and was diagnosed with Costochondritis; “a benign and often temporary inflammation of the costal cartilage, the structure which connects each rib to the sternum at the costosternal joint


(she’s okay ladies and gentlemen)


Friday May 30

Yesterday, Adam was complaining of a crampy pain in his abdomen. I asked him which side it was on and when he said his ‘left side’, I said that it sounded like an attack of appendicitis (been there). After discussing the matter with Andrea, he went to a walk-in clinic. They forwarded him to Emerg at St. Mary’s and, after many tests, he was wheeled into surgery this morning to have said appendix removed. Both Andrea and Adam are now resting and recuperating at home (that is a long way to travel just to use the hospital)

Saturday May 31

Tonight Chris, Wendy and I are meeting J.J. for dinner at Bryan and RRRenée’s

(Chris, Bryan, Renee, J.J. and Wendy)

We had a fantastic dinner, great conversation and thoroughly enjoyed the view

Merci beaucoup mes Amis!


Hmm…there was something else happening today…

…now what was that…

Oh right, it’s Albert’s (August 9 Post), Chris’, Luke’s and Ryan’s Birthday. Happy Birthday guys

If anyone is looking for gifts, please feel free to peruse the catalogue of fine items in today’s P.S.

Goodnight all

Moose and Wendle


Prevent everyone from stealing your lunch with the ‘anti-sandwich theft bag’ (and it really, really works)


How about these handy dandy eating utensils…they fit onto your cheap ballpoint pen


And for those eating cake this weekend, a simple way to re-define those six-pack abs

(operators are standing by…please order by midnight tonight…all sales are final)




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