The Wednesday Rapport


No…not that Wednesday (although, she does seem a ton more interesting)

This Wednesday…


Wednesday June 11

What a weird and wonderful week we’re having here on the Coast. Why just last Wednesday….


Wednesday June 4

While Wendle is at Market, I’ve gone over to Chris’ place to test the ‘new’ dehydrator…which is sitting on his porch

(Chris’ kitchen)


Our new dehydrator is the old hot holding unit we picked up from the YMCA’s Camp Elphinstone (April 30 Post). Our friend Pat has renovated it, we’ve scrubbed it out and we’re testing it today. If it works, we’re looking at a possible production increase from our current eight packs per day…to thirty-six packs per day. That’s a significant increase at a very low cost

Everyone expects that the unit will work. The theory is sound. It will probably require some additional tweaking, but that’s a story for another day

I’m only putting twelve wraps into the unit. Today, each perforated pan will hold four wraps (on a teflex sheet) and I’ll space the three pans evenly from top to middle inside of the dehydrator. That will maximize our fifteen new vents


Oh right, this is the first you’ve heard about the vents

If you look at the bottom of the box, you’ll see the heater and fan unit (the thing with all the dials). A vent at the back of that unit blows air up behind the false back Pat put into the box. He also cut fifteen slots into the back of that panel. This will vent the air directly across the wraps. The unit also holds a humidifier, which has been disconnected…permanently (hmmm…fascinating)


Okay…the wraps are in and dehydrating. That gives us at least three hours to catch up on what else is happening


Friday June 6 (additional rapport)

In 2005, Gibsons won an award for having the Best tasting water in the World. A panel of eleven judges gave Gibsons the nod over sixty other municipalities worldwide (sweet). Which is why it was such a surprise today to have a Boil Water Alert from the Town of Gibsons. It’s only for Zone 1 & 2 and we’re trying to figure out if we’re affected…


…and reading up on what to do during a Boil Water Notice (did you notice i didn’t say Alert?)



I want to be very clear…I have absolutely no information whatsoever as to how this may have occurred, and yet, that doesn’t stop me from creating an absolutely fictitious series of events…namely; ‘We forgot to lock the reservoir and a raccoon crawled in and took a giant waterkillingdump in the fresh pool’…”Yeah, F U humans!”

(Note: this is complete and utterly fabricated fantasy and if you believe it…shame on’ya)

After carefully perusing the map, we have concluded that we do not live in in Zone 1 or 2…and neither does; Jim, Chris, Andrea, Bruce or David (whew!)


Saturday June 7

Tonight is Chris’ big birthday party. Wendle and Andrea are over at his place decorating while I sit on our steps and make new friends….a Pacific Tree Frog (i think)


I believe it’s a female because she has no black spot under her chin (and no she isn’t going to show you…she barely knows you)


She is just over an inch long, is vibrantly green in colour and has golden eyes


I played some songs for her but she just kept looking at me with great equanimity

A little later, while we were taking our compostable items out to our forest compost heap, we noticed a couple of bundles of baby spiders on our porch. They’re almost ready to leave the nest…that’s a lot of tiny legs

(omigawd they’re adorable…can we keep one mom?)


We’ll check on them later in the week…we have a party to go to

There was a ton of people but our usual photographer went on ‘Party Leave’ this evening so photos of the event were non-existent…until I discovered that Andrea had taken some

Bryan and Renee


J.J. Brought his flute and jammed with Chris and Manon (who provided the Ukulele accompaniment)


One wonderful moment was when Chris’ best buddy (and friend of the blog) Colin showed up (all the way from Victoria) to surprise everyone


Everyone brought some form of tasty food; strips of steak cooked on Chris’ new BBQ (thanks Cory), baked Brie with raisins and pepper jelly, bruschetta and hard Paremsan cheese on rice crackers (fantastic) and a whole whack of other tasty treats. And for dessert…rhubarb cake and tiramisu

And there was lots of music

Happy Birthday big Chris


I feel like I’m forgetting something…

Oh right, the dehydrator test

It worked great. It dehydrated much slower than our Excaliburs but the wraps that were produced are beautiful

After reviewing the test with Wendle and Pat, the latter came over earlier Saturday to put a fan on top of the box. This will draw the air upwards more forcefully, which should speed up the dehydration process. We have a couple of other tweaks and minor adjustments to make but that is (once again)…a story for another time


Wednesday June 11

After wrapping with our other dehydrators on Monday and Tuesday…Wendle is at Market in Roberts Creek and I am once again on cleanup (which reminds me…i still have to clean up)

Yup…gotta go

Goodnight all

Moose and Wendle


Heres a really cool video showing you how to make a Putt-Putt Boat




2 thoughts on “The Wednesday Rapport

  1. Wow, neat video! I could have used that when I was doing summer camps with a boat theme. It would have gone well with the rubber band paddle boat and the soap bubble racers.

    Nice job with the dehydrator too. Hope you sell all those wraps! Not having anything to pack back up and take home is the best part of market day.

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