Pet Projects

“Cannon to right of them,

Cannon to left of them,

Cannon in front of them

Volley’d and thunder’d;

Storm’d at with shot and shell,

Boldly they rode and well,

Into the jaws of Death,

Into the mouth of Hell

Rode the six hundred.”

Alfred, Lord Tennyson, ‘The Charge of the Light Brigade’

Wednesday June 18

Monday, Wendle and I made a return visit to Steve Smith’s Plasticsmith shop in Roberts Creek. We last heard from Steve in the March 4 Post and one of the cool creations that we mentioned back then was Steve’s handmade cannon


Steve was really excited to tell us that he has successfully test fired the cannon…and he has the video to prove it (click on the photo below to see it in action)

Note: the voices you hear in the background are Steve and his wife, Sanokko (i sure hope i’m spelling that correctly)


Wendy and I are visiting Steve and Sanokko because we are in search of two large, flat pieces of material to form the top part of a homemade Lazy Susan that we need in order to spread our wraps (when using the new six-wrap templates). After much deliberating, we decided that plastic would prove to be the most long-lasting, foodsafe and waterproof material…and no one knows plastic quite like Steve

C’mon in…

Wendle has brought Steve a six-pack of Persephone Brewing Company’s beer. Steve left one can out by the roadside for the kids…er…I mean for the postman (yeah, that’s it…for the postman)

…and is bringing the rest inside


(the ice is plastic…cool eh!)


Our first stop is the workshop…


…where Steve dices up a couple of perfect sheets

(the thing on top is a plastic base containing the ball bearings for the Lazy Suzan)

Steve and Sanokko are doing a lot of really cool and beautiful decorative items in plastic (Sanokko designs and Steve does all of the intricate cutting)


Now that our business is concluded, we’re heading off to visit the house and grounds

This absolutely breathtaking work (done by Steve) adorns the front of their house


We’re strolling along enjoying the gorgeous yard when suddenly…Steve and Wendy stop…and stare


What the heck is it guys?

(wow…a sea monster has invaded the pool)


The house is so bright and airy. Everywhere we look we see items of fascination…including this crossbow (made by Steve)…this bow made of a wood and plastic (also made by Steve)…and a Japanese military sword (…no)


We have to go now (we have tons to do) but we are certainly planning to make a return visit to relax in Steve and Sanokko’s yard and enjoy their sunny, Roberts Creek hospitality

Oh…and if you’re looking for a beautiful sailing craft (oh Ben-ny!) check out the boat that Steve is thinking of selling




Tuesday June 15

We have everything we need to create the Lazy Susan…or…’Lazy Suzanne’ as Wendle calls it (you say tomahtoe…i say Lazy Suzahn), all we need is some professional craftsperson to hook the damn thing up. Hmmm…now who do we know that is genius enough to make something out of all these parts?

Of course…



First Chris sands the wooden base smoothe

Nice work. You’d never know that this wood came out of a castoff bin


By the way, just ignore the cut on Chris’ nose. Someone at work bopped him in the mug with a two-by-four (i kinda like it…it’s at least a ten on the tough scale)

Yeah, but it’s nothing compared to my wound



(geez…that does look painful)


After Chris finishes, we’ll waterproof it, attach the base and plastic top to either side of the ball bearing housing and…well, it should look pretty much like this


Hey, before we go, check this out…It’s a field of poppies (it’s someone’s lawn)


So incredibly delicate and they seem to have an endless bloom. They’re magical

Speaking of magic…

Our buddy Amy…oh c’mon, you remember Amy. She worked at Mountsberg but left for a new adventure in Florida (March 26 Post)

Anyway, Amy sent us these pics

This ‘Hyacinth’ is Vada (pronounced Vay-Da)

(Amy…what’s a hyacinth? i thought it was a Macaw?)


And this ‘little baby scarlet’ is Lavender


Apparently the babies are arriving right now

I’m not sure of the details but I do believe that you will be able to see Amy and friends, and the Macaws (and the ‘hyacinth’), in a new show called ‘Winged Encounters – The Kingdom Takes Flight


Amy, it looks breathtaking and you my dear, look radiant

Goodnight all

Moose and Wendle





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