The Journey Continues



Friday July 4

To everyone who has followed this blog since it's inception

Happy Anniversary!!

Yup…it has been exactly one year to the day that we left Oakville (ON) and began our westward journeys (July 4 Post). And what a year it's been…sneaky raccoons, superior lakes, badlands, buffalo jumps, tenting in the rain (and in the thick fog of an Albertan DDT attack). We crossed mountains, waded into the ocean and rode it's waves in sailboats, zodiacs and kayaks. We've done yoga on a tennis court, in studio and (at least one of us) on a stand up paddle board. We've moved four times, met a ton of great new friends and missed terribly our loved ones back in Ontario (all of you). We've sat by the ocean to watch seals and otters play, waded through tidal pools and enjoyed the flights of herons, hummingbirds and eagles. And, for the most part, we have blogged faithfully for the purpose of keeping our friends updated on our continuing adventures far afield. We've even started a new business (aye…there's the rub). And being busy with that newest endeavour, we have quite simply run out of the ' time in a day' necessary to regularly maintain said blog

Mea Culpa

Well, this day is a brand new year and although we may not post as regularly as we'd wish…we will continue to blog

(whenever we have the opportunity)

(like today)

(it's just easier than e-mailing everybody)

(nothing personal)


After looking for quite awhile, we finally moved into a Foodsafe Licensed kitchen. The Gibsons Curling Club has been so very gracious in opening their hearts and doors to us…and even more so for giving us keys to that door

(and when i say 'keys'…i mean key)


The dehydrator fits perfectly into the space between the oven and the fridge


Unfortunately it isn't quite operational yet.

We did try it for a couple of days

Day one with fourteen trays…


Day two with a mere eight


…it didn't work


Not a problem…we're taking this one day at a time and this big silver box is a short-term-long-term project

Pat (who is helping us by converting the box into a dehydrator) came over to the kitchen and after some careful theorizing, we decided to increase airflow by trimming the ends off of several of the older trays



We'll see how this works and carry on from there

You know, sooner or later this box is going to be fully functional (anyone have a text number for St Jude?)

In the meantime, we're using our old standby dehydrators and production continues

We've also been busy looking for a new home. That's right…our little cottage just up from the beach was only ours for May and June. The rapid approach of July meant we would require somewhere new to live. After discussing it, Wendle and I decided that we want to move into a real home. Somewhere we might settle…raise some chickens. I'm just kidding about the chickens (or am i?)

Whenever we had spare time, we were either looking for (and visiting) properties along the coast. Some were really beautiful houses…but they just didn't feel like Home


Some had marvelous properties but the houses were…well, let's just say 'less than homey'


Then one day very late in June, while we were sitting in Chris' front yard watching the cruise ships pass by…


…Chris asked us what we were looking for. Almost together, Wendy and I said; “Someplace exactly like your place”

To which Chris replied, “Well I'm going away for three weeks near the end of July. Why don't you move in here, then you can take care of the house and Harold while I'm gone.” (Harold is Chris' female Bearded Dragon, August 9 Post)

And that sounded like a really great idea…so we loaded up the truck and moved down the road


Besides sharing the costs (a win-win for us all) this gives Der Schmengle (Wendy) and I time to find the perfect long-term lease…possibly closer to the end of the summer when short-term tourist rentals dwindle and home owners start looking for Grade-A, Long-Term Renters such as ourselves

Hey Mancuso…Thank You. It's a wonderful gift from a really generous, PEI kinda guy

Well…we hope you all had a wonderful long weekend. We certainly did. And now that we have a workplace to go to and a home to come home to….and with tomorrow being a workday and all…it's back to wrapping

We'll talk soon

Goodnight all

Moose and Wendle


We were in the 'Golf' section at London Drugs the other day and I found a really cool pair of shorts


I'll definitely be wearing those when I'm this dude



The end of a GTA long weekend (i do not miss this at all)






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