Happy Birthday Emily

(Emily von Beaker)



Good morning everybody

Great to see y’all

We sure have a lot of backstory to cover (i wonder why that is) so…

…pitter patter, let’s git at ‘er

(Note: this might take a couple of days)

Saturday July 12

There’s a sand castle competition in Davis Bay today. We’re heading out that way anyway…Wendle is looking for a bathing suit at the truly awesome Mosaic Emporium (it has everything)…and, while we’re there, we’ll step across the highway, to the beach, and check out the sculptures

The competition only runs from 10am until 2pm…while the tide is out and the sand is exposed. Once the tide rolls back in, the art will be washed away as if it never existed (all we are is dust in the wind)







Tuesday July 15

Today is the MLB All Star Game. A fleeting opportunity to watch the great Derek Jeter…who is retiring at the end of this season


Jeter is playing in his fourteenth All Star Game and luckily for us, Chris, Wendle and I have made previous arrangements so that we can watch the game live, on Chris’ big screen TV

Number 2 doesn’t disappoint. He makes a great play in the infield, scores a run and goes two for two at the dish, pushing his final All Star batting average up to a whopping .481 and an on base percentage of .517, (second only to Charlie Gehringer). Jeter’s last hit is a single to right, courtesy of his prototypical inside-out swing, something every young ballplayer would be smart to emulate


The rest of the game is not very interesting…other than the fact that we have not seen a ballgame since June of 2013. It sure is great to watch something other than organized jogging (he means soccer)…and it’s even better watching athletes use their hands again (and diving for a reason)

Thursday July 17

Our buddy Jeremy (a co-worker from Mountsberg and Crawford Lake) arrives today. He’s been all over Saskachewan, the Northwest Territories, the Yukon and Northern BC and is making his way home to Ontario…with a couple of small side trips

The evening is a wonderful blend of great food, the sound of the surf, another gorgeous sunset and great conversation. After all of that traveling, it’s great to offer Jeremy the opportunity to kick back and relax


Friday July 18

After a two hour breakfast at the Gumboot (and it shoulda been a little quicker) Jeremy, Wendle and I stop by Kirk’s SLO Gallery, at the Trail Bay Center (August 23, 2013 Post) to say hello

After a brief and invigorating visit, we hit the road again. This time were heading up towards Tuwanek to have a little dinner with Dave and Laurie at Pedals and Paddles (January 10 & January 11, 2014 Posts)

Once we arrive, Laurie asks us if we’d like to kayak

“Oh Yeah!”

Jeremy owns a kayak so he’s thrilled to get out onto the Sechelt Inlet in one of Laurie and Dave’s boats. Wendle asks Laurie if she can paddle board instead and, after all that Wendle has told me about her fun on the SUP, I ask Laurie for one too (first mistake)

Now, I don’t know if you’ve ever been on a stand up paddle board…but my first piece of advice is to find one that fits your bulk (not an easy task when you’re as ‘big boned’ as i am). Laurie offers me her biggest board, which is the same size as Wendy’s and, although I’m wearing street clothes and no bathing suit, I accept readily (mistake number two)

Wendle advises me to begin by paddling from my knees…”You can always stand up later”, she says

Say, this is petty cool. There is a spongey mat built onto the board and it’s quite comfortable. It feels a bit shaky and that’s to be expected considering that with me on it, the board seems as small as a tongue depressor

At first, everything goes swimmingly (foreshadowing). I can see Jeremy kayaking out ahead of me.


Wendle is behind me…and to the left

Behind, and to the left

I hear her call to me, and when I take a quick look over my left shoulder…

Ba-Bam…I’m in the water.

It’s quite an out of body experience. I’m fully clothed, fully immersed and I’m not even sure I remember how to swim

Some part of me notices that my legs (of their own volition) have begun doing an egg beater kick (cool, i’m not going to drown) and I’m holding the paddle with one hand and moving back towards the board. I climb back on the board, reset myself onto my knees and away I go

A couple of minutes later Wendy pulls alongside and says, “I’m going to stand up now. Do you want to try it?”


I stand up and…


…back into the inlet I go

This time the board has flipped right over so before I can get back on, I have to figure out how to turn the bloody thing upright

Luckily, my legs are still egg beatering and this allows me to flip the SUP and climb back on. This may not sound like much of a big deal but my knees are held together with spit, bailing wire and a few screws and I’m fairly surprised that they’re able to perform this skill without body parts flying off and sinking into the depths


In the process of clambering back onto my Popsicle stick of a board, I somehow find my way back in the water (WTF)…and of course the board has turned over again so I’m back to square one

Geez…I love paddle boarding

By the time were through, and back on land, my knees are covered in giant striations from the board and my hamstrings are as tight as an Italian tenors trousers

Well, at least I know my knees work for more than balancing a plateful of food…which is exactly what I’m going to place upon them next

It’s dinner time

(Left to Right – Laurie, Dave, Charlene, Guy, Jeremy and dumbass)

Later, we head home to another amazing Sunshine Coast sunset


All is right with the world

Tomorrow (July 19) is market day…and we’ll pick up our tale then

Goodnight all

Moose and Wendle


Do you know what this is?


Just click on the pic to find out



(too soon?)

Thanks Shawn





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