“I came back from the war rejecting my species, I hated what had been done to me and what I had done and what man did to man.”

– Farley Mowat, 'And No Birds Sang'

Monday November 11

Wendy and I watched the Remembrance Day activities from Ottawa this morning. The figures on the Cenotaph came alive as they struggled, together, through sleet, snow and mud. It brought vividly to mind, the incredible hardships, suffering and loss of human dignity that violence and conflict imposes upon our species.

I have been no closer to War than the front lines of my couch. I am in no way able to imagine it. Certainly in no way that would be true. It seems difficult to describe even for those who have experienced it.

Wendy's dad, John Burkeman Wright, served with the Royal Canadian Horse Artillery in Korea.

2nd Battalion Royal Canadian Horse Artillery, Korea, May 1951

2nd Battalion Royal Canadian Horse Artillery, Korea, June 1951,_Royal_Canadian_Horse_in_Korea.jpg

Jack was a humble veteran and proud of his service. What transpired during his war years affected him deeply. It was certainly the significant adventure of his lifetime and it held him in it's steel grip until his passing.

To all of those who like Jack, have seen the elephant…Thank You


May Peace Be Upon You”×400



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