Keep the Change

Thursday April 24

Wendle and I went grocery shopping on Saturday. It was dark, cold and rainy…completely unsuitable weather to be out of doors

We decided that we should get some gas for the Civic so we headed towards Wilson Creek. When we got to Roberts Creek Road, we noticed a stranger hitchiking. Even from far away they looked really cold and wet so we pulled over to give them a ride

As we slowed, we got a much closer look at our new friend. Now I wouldn’t say that this dude looked down on his luck and in need of a roof over his head (no, i’d say he looked necessitous and dispossessed), but he definitely looked like he could use a ride

He piled into the Civic like a wet sheepdog jumping into the family station wagon

“Where ya going?” I asked

“Sechelt”, came the crusty reply

“We’re only going to Wilson Creek”, said Wendy

“That’s great,” said he “the lady there usually gives me a free coffee.”

It’s about a three minute drive so we didn’t have a lot of interaction…just enough to ensure that the guy had a place to sleep tonight

I pulled into the IGA parking lot and stopped. As we said our goodbyes, Wendy handed the guy a fiver and said, “Here you go buddy, buy yourself a coffee.”

“Hey, thanks man.”…and with that, he was gone

I drove over to the gas pumps and Wendy got out to pre-pay for the gas

(note: one day, an individual BC gas station attendant made a rash decision and attempted to stop some player from stealing the oil corporations gas…for their efforts, the attendant was run over by the thiefs car…since then, you have to pre-pay for your gas everywhere in BC…it’s the law)

While Wendy waited at the counter, our recent passenger walked up with a coffee, asked the clerk for a cigar and as he handed over the five dollar bill he said…

“Keep the Change”

And the wheel turns


We went down to the beach the other day to watch the sunset. We sat upon one of the many drift logs that litter the beach

It’s a different perspective from here…


…no matter what direction you look


A slew of sloops sailed West towards Nanaimo (again with the alliterations)


I entertained Wendle with tales of my derring do…and she resonded with the appropriate disbelief


We watched a seal patrol the surf for an evening snack. We could see it’s slippery-smooth grey face clearly through the binoculars but it slid under the water every time we tried for a photo


We walked back to the house as the sun dropped below the distant mountains


On another note

April 21st was the 178th Anniversary of the Battle of San Jacinto, the climax in Texas’ struggle for independence. Congratulations Texas!


Hey, did I mention that we got some mail regarding our story on The King?


I can’t answer for Jesus kid, but my advice is that you hit your knees every night and thank your lucky stars that you weren’t born a Cubs fan

Goodnight all

Moose and Wendle


Remember the good old days when things were much safer because they were Made in America? (or Canada)


(yeah, can’t see anything going wrong there)




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